Critics of police response need a reality check

I have to respond to a couple of recent letters in The Herald criticizing police actions. It’s very easy for people to sit back and critique an event they did not participate in. Domestic violence calls are one of the most (if not the most) dangerous situations police officers can face. They have literally a split second in which to determine whether or not to use excess force. In the case of the teenager, it was reported she came toward the officers with a knife and a Taser did not stop her. Let us not forget the Mount Vernon officer who almost lost his life responding to a DV call.

I participated in a shooting simulator session a few years ago. I think everyone who criticizes police decisions in using weapons should spend some time in a simulator. You can then experience first-hand what our officers do — is that a bad guy? Good guy? Hostage? Does he have a gun/knife/cell phone in his hand? Walk a mile in their shoes.

Nancy E. Borylla


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