Cut road projects where I-976 won approval

After reading how Sultan has too much traffic, I looked at I-976 election results by county (“Gridlock keeps many in Sultan feeling trapped in homes,” The Herald, Dec. 3). Snohomish County, including Sultan, voted for it. It will save me money as I have some small motor bikes that pay ferry capital expenditure fees, weight fees, etc., and an old car, truck and trailer, none of which go on the ferry. Yet, I voted against it.

I believe in the road projects funded with that money. But now, those projects must be cut. If I was making choices where, I would cut projects in those counties, including mine and city of Sultan, and Spokane’s Highway 395, and Walla Walla for instance, that didn’t think the funding was necessary with their vote.

Maybe, in the future, alternatives should be required to qualify for revenue slashing initiatives to be on the ballot. Not spending taxes for the common good brings all down to the lowest standard of living.

Bill Severson


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