Development’s ‘heat islands’ trap heat in summer

Does it surprise anyone during our recent heat wave that “heat islands” are created by society? I learned years ago in elementary school that if you take out all the trees, put in buildings and cover the earth with cement and asphalt you will increase the heat in an area.

Thank you to the governor, mayors, builders, employees of this state who think it is wonderful to bring in tens of thousands of people to an area that cannot accommodate them properly. Roads are going to get way worse as traffic continues to increase.

The smoke coming from the British Columbia and Darrington fires are also combined with smog, and haze, yet the truth is on days without smoke from fires, you can only see the outline of the mountains because of smog!

In a perfect world our farmland would stay farmland.and not car dealerships, strip malls and houses. (Who’s going to feed you when the land is all gone?)

I am fortunate, I get to escape the heat islands and retreat to my little piece of property of which half has been left natural, so that the wildlife still has a home.

Life is too short to live in a hurry.

Karen Dickson


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