Does Mr. Dad understand boys and girls?

In the Nov. 11 Mr. Dad column, he writes: “Let’s start with the ‘only-one-thing-on-their-mind’ idea. Do you really believe that?”

As a high school automotive teacher with 98 percent male students, and as a former teenage boy myself, yes, they have only one thing on their minds.

Mr. Dad says TV, movies and the Internet put a lot of pressure on teens to have as much sex as they can as often as they can, with as many different people as possible.

Who cares? These boys are being driven insane by their hormones. I know kids who started smoking because a pretty girl smoked and they wanted a reason to hang out with her. I know a boy who is addicted to opioids because a pretty girl at a party did them and he was desperate for a reason to hang out with her.

Mr. Dad says the reality is that the majority of boys your daughter’s age are petrified of girls, and what’s most likely on their mind is, “I’m hungry.”

Hello? Anybody home? If a boy is “petrified” of girls you don’t need to worry about him because he won’t have worked up the nerve to ask your daughter out. If your daughter has a boyfriend he is not petrified and he only has one thing on his mind.

If The Herald can’t bring back John Rosemond can we at least get advice from someone who understands both girls and boys?

Bryan Robbins

Lake Stevens

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