Don’t believe the polls regarding the presidential race

The liberal mainstream media is hollering from the mountain tops about how Trump is tanking in the polls.

There are a couple of possibilities here, the first being that it’s entirely possible the fake news media have finally hammered the American people into submission with their propaganda, misinformation, and flat-out lies. Sound familiar?

The second and most likely scenario is that there is oversampling of liberal enclaves (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago) for their desired poll results, much like what they did in the last election. I think the American people and the electoral college are wise to their game. After all they’ve seen this rodeo before.

There’s no way American’s will kowtow into voting for someone who’s for open borders, defunding the police while the mobs run amok and anarchy reigns supreme. Not to mention Medicare for all, citizen or not, or the Green New Deal that AOC and the squad demand. And the list goes on and on.

The American spirit isn’t broken and come election day they will have their say. Rest assured, America will not awaken to a socialist state, but rather to the proud Democracy that we are and the rest of the world dreams of becoming.

Ron Kalina

Camano Island

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