Don’t give in to teachers’ greed on levy lid

Last year the teachers and their union stole every bit of the education funding provided by the Legislature through the McCleary decision. There was zero concern shown for students; it was absolutely “Give us the Money Now!” Twenty percent raises were obtained across the state, even as the school districts warned that since all the money was being eaten up, cuts would have to be made later.

So we now hear these same pillaging teachers and union crying “We care for kids,” and want the state to lift local levy restrictions in order to protect union jobs. They selfishly took all the money last year without a second thought for the future of the positions and programs now seemingly at risk, and want to make homeowners pay for their greed through even higher property taxes.

Shame on the union. Shame on the teachers. Shame on the Legislature for caving to union pressure and preparing to impose new taxes on homeowners.

Greg Young


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