Don’t sacrifice U.S. property to build border wall

I am shocked that Donald Trump and the Republican party want to give away United States territory to Mexico. Trump and Republican lawmakers are using eminent domain laws to take United States citizens’ land in order to build their so-called border security wall far away from the actual border, sometimes thousands of feet inside the U.S. border, thus giving all this precious territory to Mexico.

Just so their big business buddies can make a bigger profit from the construction jobs and put even more taxpayer money into the hands of foreign companies.

I propose that any wall construction actually be built on the border or within a foot of the actual border. If for some reason it would be impossible to building a wall in some areas, then sentries should be posted at 100-yard intervals, never mind the expense. Our security is priceless. Those sentry posts could be called “Republican Redoubts” or “Trump Towers.”

I say, don’t make American smaller.

Michael Koznek


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