Don’t support lawmakers who voted to avoid public records law

The primary election is looming, and it’s unbelievable how quickly the recollection of how 41 (out of 48, total) state senators, and 83 (out of 97 state representatives) voted to remove themselves and their workings from the Public Records Act (and the public) through the passage of SB 6617. The idea of lawmakers attempting to exclude themselves from public disclosure laws is unconscionable to me, but was supported by local legislators, including Sen. Steve Hobbs, Rep. John Lovick, Rep. Marko Liias, and practically every one of our elected state legislators and representatives. Rep. Mark Harmsworth, an outspoken opponent of the legislation, one of just a few to vote in opposition to the bill, deserves to be supported.

Also keep in mind that these same legislators that voted to hide their political correspondence from constituents, also voted to significantly increase property taxes (supposedly to support full, K-12 funding), yet following passage, many, many school districts in the state are still attempting to pass levies to provide additional funding. In contrast, these legislators have done nothing to repeal the illegal tolling on I-405. On the whole, we are not being represented by these individuals!

It’s time to refresh the Legislature with those that will do the people’s work, not their own! As for me, I will not support any legislator that voted to hide their political affiliations from the public via SB 6617!

David Martson


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