End minimum-wage law and make low-pay jobs legal again

Minimum wage is legalized highway robbery! Of employers!

But what if they deserve it? They do not!

Employers have their “wages” too. It’s called “profit.” When higher wages are ordered by courts without owners seeing corresponding increases in production they must draw from profit. When profit is gone workers are laid off and businesses dissolved! Am I wrong?

In other words: With each minimum wage increase fairly large numbers of employees — with their employers — loose their sometimes long-held positions. Ouch! The rest get raises if products and services are novel and popular and able to carry the new expense.

When all low-pay jobs are outlawed, applicants lacking experience and training find startup jobs very difficult to obtain since they must “demand” undeserved high beginner’s pay — the minimum wage — designed for large families. Employers risk losing money hiring them!

Were innocent-appearing minimum wage laws designed to utterly destroy maximum numbers thriving businesses by free enterprise-hating socialists?

And could Better Business Bureau help rebuild some respect for free trade, please? Restore young people’s severely mangled ladders to success by making low-pay jobs legal again?

Gunnar Unneland


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