Equating Biden, Hitler in online editorial cartoon reprehensible

I understand that The Herald is a pretty conservative paper, but I read it every day online as the paper of my local region. There is a political cartoon in the HeraldNet online cartoon gallery for Monday that equates President Biden with Hitler, and I find it extremely offensive. I lost extended family in the Holocaust, and your cartoon trivializes that fact and claims an equivalence between the victims of the Nazis and the MAGA crowd. You have turned the reality of the situation upside down in this cartoon. The Nazi salutes and “Jews will not replace us” did not come from our government. They came from the MAGA folks, who are doing quasi-Nazi salutes at Trump’s rallies. Biden is not following Hitler’s playbook. Trump definitely is doing that.

I understand that for circulation reasons, you feel the need to publish things which appeal to “conservatives,” but this went entirely too far.

Please be more considerate when you choose your editorial comments, by word or by cartoon. This was reprehensible in my opinion. I am deeply offended.

Nancy Sosnove


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