Firearms aren’t the problem; prosecute criminals using guns

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Editorial: Question over Growler impacts now left to lawsuit

A suit by the state AG’s office has followed the Navy’s decision to walk away from discussions.

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A new report estimates the costs of seawalls. They’re not a good fit for Puget Sound, but what is?

Editorial: County council should put fireworks vote on ballot

An advisory vote on a fireworks ban would give the council useful feedback as it considers a decision.

Editorial: State right to reject scan of drivers photos

Legislators should turn the DOL’s policy on ICE’s access to facial recognition into state law.

Robinson: GOP silence over Trump’s attacks speaks clearly

Mute Republicans are as guilty as Trump over his ‘go back where you came from’ tweets to four Democrats.

Harrop: Drug price gouging a uniquely American experience

When your secretary of health and human services is a former pharma chief, you’re not serious about change.

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Burke: Allow an ex-prosecutor to level charges against Trump

Of any of the candidates, Sen. Kamala Harris should know a predator — and a coward — when she sees one.

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