Help health care workers by staying vigilant, wearing masks

As long-time supporters of Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, and on behalf of current and former Providence Board members, we want to express our thanks and admiration to the caregivers who have been serving on the front lines of the covid-19 pandemic longer than anyone in the country.

From the time the first patient in the U.S. with COVID-19 walked into a Providence Medical Group clinic, and was soon admitted to Providence Everett, the staff have responded with professionalism, dedication and compassion. Under the national spotlight, they demonstrated that they were uniquely prepared, and showcased their expertise to the world. And that work has continued through all of 2020.

This has been a long, challenging year for all of us. But those on the front lines are exhausted and have been through more than we can imagine. As a community, we owe it to them to do all that we can to ease their burden. The best way we can support them is to wear our masks and practice physical distancing. We know this is difficult with the holidays approaching, but we need to make sacrifices so that our hospitals are not overwhelmed, and our resources are not stretched thin.

We are fortunate to have a renowned hospital like Providence in our community, and to have health care workers who have sacrificed so much this year to care for our friends, our families, and ourselves. Let’s pay it forward and do all that we can to thank Providence caregivers and flatten the curve of COVID-19 in our community.

Chris Adams

Providence Regional Medical Center Everett

Rick Shea

Board Chair Providence Regional Board

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