Herald editorial board, reporters doing good work on climate

Three cheers for The Herald Editorial Board for its impressive opinion article calling for action on that 800-pound gorilla bearing down upon us all, climate change. (“Summer of extremes calls for climate action,” The Herald, Sept 19).

For decades the scientific community has been sounding the alarm, since 1988 the United Nations IPCC issues a grimmer assessment every half-dozen years and a growing list of world leaders uses words like “the greatest existential thread to our planet” to describe that steady increase in parts per million of carbon dioxide within our earthly atmosphere.

But most of us have long since buried such grim news along with any productive reaction because quite frankly it’s not something we want to contemplate. It’s easier to believe we’re powerless, someone else’s problem or junk science. We like to think some silver bullet from science or technology will save the day. Sounds great but quite frankly those in the know tell us there’s just nothing of that saving magnitude on the horizon.

Personally, I like to think that putting a price on the carbon pollution products which drives this whole thing would allow market forces to turn that carbon concentration needle from its relentless rise; but we’ve voted down two initiative measures in this state in the last several years.

A big thanks to The Herald for telling it like it is, for linking these ever more frequent weather extremes, for recognizing that that 1.5 degree temperature change is in the rear view mirror and the cost in dollars, lives and the health of the earth will dwarf anything that homo sapiens have experienced in our short 200,000 years on this planet. Reporters like Zacharia Bryan, Brenda Harrison, Julie Titone and Ben Watenbe are not turning a blind eye.

We can rise to this challenge with such thoughtful and hard hitting coverage from The Herald.

Keep up the good work; you are inspiring!

Dean Enell


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