Herald Homework: Social media keeps us connected

Social media should not be banned because it can help children communicate with their cousins that they haven’t talked to in a long time, people can get faster updates on what is happening in the world and it can help students get better grades.

According to “Is Social Networking Good for the Community, “70 percent of adult’s social networking use social media just to talk to their cousins.” This is good because a lot of people feel sad that they can’t see their relatives anymore.

Furthermore, people can get the updates on the coronavirus or any other things that are happening in the world. This is good because once we get updates we know when it is safe to get out. Kids can also improve their grades thanks to social media. Chris Ragwell states that his son started the first semester with a GPA of 3.636, then thanks to social media he ended his year with a GPA of 3.95. My opponents may point out that there is cyberbullying in social media. This may be true but kids can put an end to that quickly by ignoring and not engaging it.

So please help us join the fight to keep social media.

Tevin A.

sixth grade

Gateway Middle School

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