History should inform U.S. actions regarding Iran

As we edge ever closer to an apocalyptic war on Iran, Americans should note their history. How many Americans are aware of “Operation Ajax,” our CIA inspired coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953? We, with the help of the British, successfully overthrew the government of Mohammed Mossadegh and installed for a quarter century the Shah. Torture, brutality and the jailing of the innocent was the Iranian norm under our puppet the Shah. The Shah’s regime ended with the famous 1979 hostage takeover in Iran. The 1953 overthrow of Iran was and to this day is seldom ever mentioned.

It is hard to fathom the pathological hatred showcased by John Bolton and other Trump administration insiders. Iran’s human rights record looks like platinum gold when contrasted with our close friends the Saudis, who with our full support are actively engaged in carrying out the century’s greatest human rights onslaught and tragedy in Yemen.

An attack on Iran can lead to consequences and blowback that we can scarcely imagine. That such an attack could lead to a global confrontation and risk of nuclear war cannot be discounted or minimized. We are leading the nation and the world to the edge of the precipice with our insane hatred and preoccupation with Iran.

Military attacks and war will lead to outcomes unimagined and never anticipated. In the case of Iran, an attack could lead to apocalyptic consequences. A far better strategy-one that would serve both humanity and the world is an acknowledgement and recognition of past wrongs and the beginning of a new dialogue and diplomacy that would mitigate if not eliminate the unnecessary murder of millions of innocent people in a conflict that can be so easily avoided.

Jim Sawyer


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