It’s not just guns; most anything can be misused

As tragic as the taking of a life is by any means, guns seem to be the flash point of most debate. More specifically, long guns like the AR-15 are demonized the most, even though most gun murders are by handguns. Some Democrats are now talking outright gun confiscation as a possible answer, as if that will solve the murder problem. Let’s review some past episodes of evil, which resulted in multiple deaths.

The Boston Marathon bombers used a pressure cooker, nails, and some common household chemicals. Should we confiscate all the pressure cookers?

In China, a country with virtually no guns in public hands, the knife is the mass murderers choice. What’s to prevent that here? Should we confiscate all the knives?

In France a couple years ago, a maniac drove a rented truck down a crowded sidewalk, killing and wounding dozens. Should we should confiscate all the trucks?

Sooner or later, after all possible weapons have been confiscated, someone will use a tree limb as a club, and murder someone that way. Only one solution to that: Confiscate all the trees.

Michael H. Bond


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