Jeff Bezos’ wealth came at a price that we paid

Jeff Bezos and Amazon have done more than anybody in history to eliminate living-wage jobs by decimating shopping malls and the people who work in them, build them, maintain them, etc., and the retail industry in general, by catering to a numbed-out American public that no longer values human connection and service in favor of faceless, nameless “cheaper” robotic consumerism via the internet and technological gimmicks. (The same public that has now elected a mentally ill, soulless, brainless, dangerous narcissist as “president”.)

And Bezos is now the wealthiest person on the planet as a result!

He’s decided (no doubt as a corporate public relations stunt) to magnanimously give his workers a $15-an-hour wage. Wonderful. We can all live on $15 an hour (before taxes), right?

In the interest of “giving back” Bezos has decided to spend a lot of money on developing space travel for the rich so that they can go up to the moon and marvel at the expanse of useless gray dust and rocks all around them and emulate NASA’s “productive” accomplishment. (Hey, maybe we could eventually send the homeless up there to get them out of our hair! After all, Bezos created more homelessness than anybody in history.)

Once again, is this a great country, or what?

Robert Van den Akker


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