Jordan had the right reaction

ISIS burns a Jordanian pilot to death in a hideous show of violence and a direct insult to anyone who does not agree with their horrendous version of Islam. Jordan reacts, and this is one American, who is mightily proud of their reaction. It’s time to stop pandering to this world view that we must walk lightly and not offend as a matter of foreign policy. ISIS and others like them respect strength.

Meanwhile, what does our brave executive branch do? Nothing much except give more speeches. They talk about how we need to stop insulting other religions and stand “shoulder to shoulder” to condemn acts of violence. We need to be more “accepting and tolerant” of noble faiths. Perhaps that would extend to speaking out about the brutal violence, torture and severe mistreatment of Christians world-wide? Hangings in Iran for being Christian?

Maybe even, and this is a stretch, stop persecuting Christians here at home? Yes, I said, “Here at home.” It’s not hard to find examples of intolerance, persecution and rejection of Christians in our own country, sponsored by our very own government. In the last century we pretty much shifted the ability of the Christian churches in this country to help the needy, that function was taken over by the government as they imposed rules, restrictions and mandates making it virtually impossible to serve homeless and the poor without allowing any references to the faith that actually requires such actions.

Today, our president refuses to call these Islamic extremists what they are, but is more than willing to block churches from sharing their faith with someone who most likely desperately needs it. It’s also time for the supposedly peaceful leaders of Islam to put an end to this sickness once and for all. Until you show the world that you are not with these people (like ISIS), your lack of action will reveal your motivations, rightly or wrongly.

Don Thompson

Lake Stevens

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