Letter: Take time to look into third-party candidates

I agree with the sentiment of the letter that says Bernie Sanders has started a revolution to move our government toward supporting the people and not only the wealthy. However, Secretary Clinton has demonstrated during this campaign that she will do whatever it takes to become President Hillary Clinton. Although the Democratic platform include several, but not all, of the Sanders’ campaign position, it is a party platform and not necessarily the candidate’s position or even what the party establishment will support through Congress.

As the letter notes, we have not seen the significant change that we all expected over the last eight years. We need to continue the revolution by supporting the party and candidate that has held the progressive ideals and not just giving lip service to get our vote and then returning to government as usual. This party is the Green Party and the candidate is Jill Stein.

I urge all progressives to check out the Green Party platform that reflect all of Sanders’ position and has for years. http://www.gp.org/platform It is time to vote for the real change and real progressives and not accept the status quo of a two-party system.

For those on the other side, who are concerned with the Republican choice, I recommend you checkout the Libertarian Party candidates, that provide a progressive social platform with a conservative fiscal policy. http://www.lp.org/platform Make your voice heard and vote for change.

James Boorn

Mill Creek

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