Lynnwood methadone clinic will make community safer

I feel disheartened after reading a recent article (“‘Protect our kids’ is rallying cry against Lynnwood methadone clinic,” The Herald, Jan. 14).

The protest against the proposed methadone clinic is NIMBYism at its most irrational, and it was disappointing to see the claims of the protesters go largely unchallenged. The article had clearly taken the side of the protesters.

To state the obvious, people who are receiving methadone are undergoing treatment for their addiction. This treatment is not simply giving “them a different drug to use,” but is instead the standard of care for opioid use disorder. As stated in a research review on the topic, “Research has demonstrated methadone’s efficacy in reducing heroin use, morbidity and mortality, and illegal activities.”

The folks who attend methadone clinics are availing themselves of their best opportunity to regain their lives, and have taken an enormous step in doing so.

Snohomish County and its youth would be made safer with fewer cases of uncontrolled opioid use. That means expanding access to medication assisted treatment.

David Bernstein


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