Mail stolen from locked boxes

During the week surrounding Veterans Day, a massive theft of mail was carried out by thieves who broke into dozens of key-locked and heretofore “secure” mailboxes at a north Lynnwood apartment complex located in Lake Serene neighborhood on Admiralty Way. This happened at night, even though a nightly roving security patrol is supposed to be present to protect the residents who pay a small portion of their rent money each month for this protection. What happened to the security patrol? Why has there been no reporting, in print, of this federal crime?

Now, a 15-mile round-trip journey to the nearest U.S. Post Office is required for anyone wondering where their mail has gone. No elected local leaders, in the community, have reached out to the residents to offer their support or provide assistance. Many residents have transportation difficulties regardless of the recent low gas prices, and for many it is a daunting task, if not impossible, plus a major pain for those on public assistance who can’t afford to go every day. For many residents, English is a second language. Prescriptions and paychecks are now beyond the reach of many whom reside there. Contrary to the suggestion on the site location’s external signage, there is very little serenity present due to this crime. The California-based owner-operator has no helpful suggestions for residents impacted who now feel confused and disenfranchised. Is your mailbox serene?

Norman Colbert


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