Massive spending, so-so outcomes

According to the World Health Organization, the U.S. is 33rd in population with health insurance coverage, 31st in premature deaths, 34th in life expectancy and most telling of all, 38th in infant mortality. Now before the pro-lifers go ah ha … note that 133 other countries worldwide also have some form of legal abortions. Just why is our profit-driven free market system so good for America, considering that those nations ranked higher than us have universal health care for all of its citizens?

The real significance of passing the ACA is that it was finally a major breakthrough in the decade’s long battle against the free market’s grasp on our health-care system, with conservatism historically defending the fort. If the intent of the law is to provide affordable care for as many people as we can, then isn’t that just promoting the general welfare as mandated by our Constitution? Evidently lots of other countries, most with free markets also mind you, have figured that out but all our Congress has on its fruitless mind is repealing this, defunding that and guarding the nation’s morals (see current GOP plan on budget cuts). The conservative’s answer is opening up state lines promoting competition among private providers, yet this as we watch corporate merger after merger, so what’s the point? Arguably though we can lay claim to being the wealthiest country and ironically per capita, out spend all others on health care; oh, boy for some, I suppose … but not so great!

Dennis Doolittle


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