Military service isn’t requirement of patriotism

Thanks to Herald columnist Sid Schwab for defending the South Vietnamese people from socialistic tyranny (“With Pinochet in Portland, where are liberty’s defenders?” The Herald, July 25). Too bad he served in a war deemed America’s most unpopular and meaningless. I got drafted. But fortunately did not have to serve in combat. Nor did I want to. I was scared to death. If I were not a sole-surviving son, the Army would have forced me to serve either as a door gunner or grunt.

So, I admire Schwab’s heroism. No matter where or how one served in Vietnam it was dangerous.

My question to Schwab is in his assertion about President Trump. “Afraid to serve in Vietnam, as this columnist did, he’s courageously ordering troops into Democrat-run cities.”

How does Schwab know that Trump was afraid? And if he was, shouldn’t he have been. I was. He (Schwab) seems to be using his war record as leverage for his own political bias. Somehow, that appears hypocritical. Trump may have been afraid to go Vietnam, but that doesn’t make him unpatriotic. I am certain that he values freedom and America’s heritage.

As for sending troops into Democrat-run cities. Maybe Schwab doesn’t value the lives and property of others. When people start killing others in the name of their cause, their cause loses its most important weapon: righteousness.

Dan Palmer


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