Minimum wage denies access to ladder of success

The ladders to success is a taboo subject, apparently.

It has to do with work and work ethics. Mike Rowe of the “Dirty Jobs” television series feel success ladders are real and important. But where are these hardly-ever-mentioned success ladders in USA today?

Answer: At ALL job sites above hourly minimum wage levels!

And below? Nowhere! Hourly paid productive effort totally outlawed there. The inexperienced, the handicapped and the homeless; yes, even some out- of-work employersare:

1. Forced to apply jobs paying enough to support a big family. Unrealistic! Turned down!

2. Prevented from doing normal trade. (Trading work for wages below minimum wage)

3. Denied access to their success ladders!

Minimum wage laws are dictatorial. Laws should protect weaker citizens. Not hurt them.

(Countries without minimum wages: Scandinavia, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Gunnar Unneland


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