Minimum wage is laying waste to jobs and companies

Picture a Midwest farmer laying waste more and more land every four to five years! Crazy!

Minimum wage law creates an empty, ever expanding area where hourly paid work below a set amount is forbidden. Products and services disappearing. Employers and employees losing their actual or potential means of living. An area for finding meaningful jobs, including fun, educational, short-time ones for millions of recent graduates, handicapped, ex-prisoners, homeless, etc.; obliterated by law!

How did this outrage spread worldwide? (Excepting Switzerland, Hong Kong and Scandinavia.) Were perhaps organized socialists behind it? Thereby achieving:

1. Huge areas of private enterprise gradually shut down and locked up for good. Check.

2. Many more citizens depending on unemployment pay and government. Check

And in the U.S.:

3. Supported by Better Business Bureau. Check.

Hey; if minimum wage is great, BBB, why not $50? Or a “compassionate” $100 an hour?

Gunnar Unneland


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