Dealing well with greed addiction

You’ve got to hand it to banks. I mean really give ’em a big hand. The fact that America’s largest are able to make sweet lemonade profits out of this lemon of an economy should be commended. I especially love how we all helped. Now every citizen can claim partial responsibility, even those unassociated with their activities directly.

In this world of financial precariousness and fiduciary uncertainty it’s comforting to know we can still find it in our hearts to help the disadvantaged. An addiction to wealth is just as destructive as drug and alcohol addiction; it has reassured my faith in our system that there are measurements in place to assist the needy. Like with any addiction, short-sightedness, greed and selfishness often creep up, destroying friendships, families and communities.

I can rest assured that those who might otherwise turn to a life of crime, taking from others with no remorse, can now get the assistance they need from our government.

So next time it seems as if your bank is hurting you, or just doesn’t care, remember that any addiction is tough to control, that they’re doing their best, and that your patience, understanding and money are what they need from you most. Please, let them have it.

John R. Hulett


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