No. 1-ranked UW women’s softball team deserves coverage

In The Herald’s sport pages, we hear endless stories about the so-so UW Huskies men’s basketball team, local high school teams, meaningless Mariners pre-season games,… Continue reading

Problem isn’t product; it’s behind the wheel or trigger

Who am I? Think of our Congress, and how lobbyist influences their decisions. I represent a large number of people and businesses and I lobby… Continue reading

Thiessen: Trump should know Kim won’t surrender his nukes

But they should still meet so Trump can tell Kim directly he is serious about military options.

Toys should be for all kids and offered in all colors

This is Lucy and Sophia from Girl Scout Troop No. 45096. We think there is a major stereotype that affects many children. This stereotype is… Continue reading

We must come together on issue of gun violence

Traumatized children, social isolation and access to guns: Can you imagine a more volatile recipe for disaster? The competitive, hyper-individualism that has characterized much of… Continue reading

Commentary: State’s new law could reduce incidence of suicide

Washington state’s law, creating a voluntary ‘do not sell’ firearms list, can be a national model.

County money for loop highway study better spent on trestle

Jerry Cornfield’s March 4 Herald article, “Taming the traffic-troubled U.S. 2 trestle,” points out the critical need to address traffic problems in the Puget Sound… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, March 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Governor should respect life and veto Reproductive Parity Act

Gov. Jay Inslee should be applauded for his decision to suspend the death penalty. The death penalty has been explained as costly and unnecessary. I… Continue reading

Ignatius: Pompeo a better match for Trump — for better or worse

Pompeo may work better with Trump than Tillerson did, but how will he handle an impulsive president?

Milbank: Trump’s ‘Purge’ ousts those who disagree with him

Here’s how the Trump administration reseembles a ‘squalid B-movie political horror film.’

Parker: ‘What Happened?’ Hillary should just listen to herself

More than a year later, Clinton is still fixing blame for her loss and keeps missing the point.

U.S. dangerously planning for first-strike nuclear weapon

Propaganda teachers and theorists tell us that the most powerful form of propaganda is that of omission. It is not an exaggeration to say that… Continue reading

Editorial: Eyman right to fight lawmakers’ initiative maneuver

The initiative promoter is suing to let voters choose between I-940 and the Legislature’s version.

Boycott stores selling assault weapons

It is difficult to know what we as individuals can do to make a difference regarding the continuing assault rifle massacres. However, one action each… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, March 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Milbank: Why Betsy DeVos can’t answer questions

The education secretary, a year into her job, can’t answer the simplest questions about her work.

Teachers who are willing to carry firearms should be allowed

Beverly Hoback, in her guest commentary in the March 4 Herald, is right to understand that she cannot be responsible for the safety of students… Continue reading

Thiessen: Tillerson’s firing was all about insubordination

In Pompeo, President Trump will now have an ally at his side during talks with North Korea.

We have right use weapons to protect ourselves

Another mass-killing at a gun-free (easy target) school has occurred, and the gun-haters and their brainwashed cowardly sheep are once again insanely blaming every illogical… Continue reading