I-1639 would violate state constitution, jeopardizes rights

Regarding the Associated Press article by Martha Bellisle in the Oct. 5 Herald regarding Initiative 1639: Bundling multiple proposals into one initiative, I-1639 violates the… Continue reading

Khashoggi: Journalist’s final column a plea for free speech

Jamal Khashoggi, now believed slain, wrote the Arab world can’t have freedom without a free media.

Parker: There’s promise — and wariness — in cannabidiol

Derived from hemp, CBD may have multiple therapeutic uses, but more study and regulation is needed.

Robinson: Saudis had little to fear over fate of Khashoggi

President Trump and his advisers have given the Saudi kingdom the OK to do whatever it wants.

Sea level rise will affect state

A new study states sea level rise threatens homes and infrastructure in Washington state. We should take this study seriously. This new study involved agencies… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Why didn’t we take more than ‘one small step’?

Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk could have inspired so much more. What caused America to lose interest?

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Oct. 20

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Everett districts pro, con: More diversity or more division?

A look at the potential advantages and disadvantages of electing the city council by districts.

Harrop: GOP tax shift stuck it to blue states

And even traditional Republican voters have noticed and now are supporting Democrats.

The Buzz: Still saving up spit for our DNA test

O, Canada, you’re stoned and staring at your hands.

Editorial: I-1634’s saccharine attack on local goverment

Soda companies want to stop cities from taxing sugary drinks. It has nothing to do with groceries.

Approve Everett’s city council districts and 5-2 option

I am writing to urge Everett voters to approve Proposition 1 to amend the city charter and vote Yes on Proposition 2A to create five… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Oct. 19

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Ignatius: Congress needs answers on U.S.’s Saudi intelligence

A secret Congressional probe should get answers on what we knew and when on Khashoggi’s death.

Stop increasing property taxes for school funding

We all watched as school teachers and their union fell upon the new McCleary money like hyenas on a carcass. What was supposed to be… Continue reading

Thiessen: MBS puts Trump — and himself — in a difficult spot

The Saudi crown prince has betrayed Trump’s loyalty, but he’s also made things untenable for himself.

We need a definition for ‘collective unconsciousness’

The definition of collective consciousness is “A shared belief system of Humans for the good of all.” A new belief system will be found in… Continue reading

Yes vote for I-1631 will begin to address climate change

I have grandchildren and I want them to live in a world where people care about their future. Washington voters can do just that by… Continue reading

Editorial: Send I-940 back to Legislature for better bill

A new standard for officer-involved shootings is needed, but lawmakers need a second try at a bill.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Oct. 18

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading