Robinson: GOP silence over Trump’s attacks speaks clearly

Mute Republicans are as guilty as Trump over his ‘go back where you came from’ tweets to four Democrats.

Burke: Allow an ex-prosecutor to level charges against Trump

Of any of the candidates, Sen. Kamala Harris should know a predator — and a coward — when she sees one.

Dionne: A party divided against itself can’t beat Trump

On the campaign trail and in the House, Democrats need to find some common ground from which to fight.

Dissent, as evidenced by Sid Schwab, can be patriotic

Apparently because she does not like what Sid Schwab writes, Linda Jinkins of Arlington asserts in a letter to the editor that he “is no… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Monday, July 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Inhumane treatment of children at border must end

The 4th of July was not a cause for celebration. Our government’s treatment of children on our southern border is an abomination. Warren Binford is… Continue reading

On one day, let freedom ring with fireworks

To the anti-fireworks folks calling for bans in unincorporated Snohomish County, please remember that fireworks are already illegal 364 days of the year. They’re only… Continue reading

saunders: Acosta had good reason to offer Epstein a deal

The deal’s optics are cringe-worthy, but that doesn’t mean a guilty verdict and justice were guaranteed.

Commentary: State’s winemakers toast opportunity in trade pact

Congress’ ratification of the USMCA would help winemakers in the state and nation boost their exports.

Commentary: What must be done to save our national parks

First, take the authority for policy decisions away from Congress and the federal bureaucracy.

Congress will listen if we speak up

Great headline in the July 7 Herald: “Fairness now up to voters,” true about gerrymandering and drawing political lines, but also true in general. As… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, July 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Measuring the costs of preparing for rising seas

A new report estimates the costs of seawalls. They’re not a good fit for Puget Sound, but what is?

Harrop: Pelosi puts House’s radical Democrats on notice

Voting against the caucus is one thing; threatening to ‘primary’ moderate Democrats is another.

How effective would a fireworks ban be?

Snohomish County is debating whether to ban all fireworks in unincorporated areas. This is an interesting proposal as few people are discussing whether or not… Continue reading

Lake Stevens within rights to limit size of political signs

I would like to bring attention to the Lake Stevens mayoral race, which has taken a turn for the worse. At a city council meeting… Continue reading

McArdle: Which Democrat can push Trump off national stage?

Democrats seem eager to watch Harris do to Trump what she did to Biden in the debates.

Parker: No good purpose in lifting protecti0n of wolves

If hunting is allowed to resume, how long before we lose all 5,000 gray wolves in the lower 48?

Robinson: If no one is above law, prove it with impeachment

Mueller’s testimony will give House Democrats their best opening to begin proceedings against Trump.

Viewpoints: Finding the threat beneath us

X-ray-like seismic images can show where the threat of earthquake is highest. One is below the Olympics.