What side of the road do anti-vaxxers drive on?

I wonder if the anti-vaxxers think their civil rights are being violated by being forced to drive on the right hand side of the road?… Continue reading

Bring back Mother Goose and Grimm comic strip

Our joy has gone out of reading the newspaper. We are long-time subscribers and were so sorry to see that Mother Goose and Grimm was… Continue reading

Comment: Is our silence about wars a sign of respect or fear?

We don’t wish to offend the families of those who died, but did it prolong our war in Afghanistan?

Comment: Trump’s Republican critics need to say his name

‘Brave’ criticisms that don’t mention Trump by name fall short of their target; Trump knows this.

Congress should leave iPhone apps alone

There are currently two bills in Congress “American Innovation and Choice Online Act,” (HR 3816) and the “Ending Platform Monopolies Act,” (HR 3825) that would… Continue reading


Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Sept. 16

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading


Fact Check: No, staff didn’t ‘silence’ Biden to prevent a gaffe

Twitter and pundits are quick to jump on rumors of Biden being managed. That’s not what’s happening.

Grateful for those who vaccinated and use masks

Thanks to The Herald Editorial Board for every word of the Sunday editorial about the deadly effects of refusing the covid-19 vaccine, (“A message to… Continue reading

More should understand Herald’s value to readers

I noticed with sadness that The Herald has pulled its last remaining coin-operated news rack from the Boeing Everett plant a couple of weeks ago.… Continue reading


Editorial: Return James, King to Marysville City Council

Both face knowledgable challengers but have proved their abilities by helping the city move forward.


Comment: 7 reasons why filibuster reform increasingly likely

Sentiment — and necessity — is growing for Senate Democrats to change what’s stifling legislation.

Comment: Moderates may be real progressives on health care

Bolstering the ACA would help those most in need, while Medicare For All would benefit some who don’t need it.

Comment: More in media won’t describe ballot farce as ‘audit’

The Philadelphia Inquirer is calling a lie a lie in coverage of its state GOP’s ‘forensic investigation’ of ballots.

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Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Sept. 15

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading

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Harrop: Biden’s vaccine ‘mandate’ does allow a choice; of sorts

Don’t want the needle? Then you can choose a weekly swab up your nose. It was an easy choice for me.

Herald is sending me elsewhere for Zits, Baby Blues strips

Tundra, blech! Garfield, so, so, so boring! B.C. and Wizard of Id, meh. (But I’ll give those last two some time, since I remember them… Continue reading

Mukilteo doesn’t need higher-density housing

Perfidy, morals and ethics are inherent in politics. This and more are wrapped up in current events of the Housing Action Plan and our subsequent… Continue reading

Comment: Ending vicious circle of terror, fear and hate

The misdirected attacks on Arabs and Sikhs after 9/11 have a new form during the covid-19 pandemic.

Comment: Our guard up again, this time for so-called patiots

There’s little difference among violent extremists, whether they attack from abroad or from within.