Ignatius: Trump’s conflict with Iran a crisis of own making

Iran knows Trump doesn’t want to go to war, and is forcing him to choose between two ugly options.

Milbank: Trump never said those things you heard him say

Not on Cokie Roberts. Not on ‘easy’ trade wars. Not on Mexico paying for the wall. Don’t listen to your ears.

Roundabouts are reducing speed and improving traffic

I feel compelled to counter reader Lynn McCoy’s recent complaint in her letter to the editor about roundabouts (“At least let people vote on roundabouts,”… Continue reading

Background checks are performed at fairgrounds gun shows

The letter to the editor by Chuck Wright (“County should end gun shows at Monroe fairgrounds,” The Herald, Sept. 10) contains misinformation and perpetuates myths… Continue reading

City of Everett, please bring our roundabout back

Having lived on a street with roundabouts here in Everett, I used to have the same viewpoint as Lynn McCoy of Marysville, who expressed her… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Sept. 19

A sketchy look at they day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: A new problem with paid signature gathering

An unpaid bill for signatures could cloud voter support for a change to the state’s affirmative action law.

McArdle: We’ll never know truth about Kavanaugh accusations

Whether because of alcohol, trauma, time or all three, memories often are reconstructed and unreliable.

Mibank: 5 hours of nastiness launches Lewandowski’s Senate bid

The former Trump campaign aide wasn’t there to answer questions but to play to the president’s supporters.

Reintroducing grizzlies to North Cascades a bad idea

Regarding the recent editorial (“Plan for grizzly bears’ return reemerges from den,” The Herald, Aug. 25), the article talks about the “benefits” of reintroduction and… Continue reading

Commentary: Boys & Girls Club marks 16 years in Snohomish

The facility in the city of Snohomish has plans to grow and seeks the community’s support.

County Council candidate Rohrbough one of the ‘good people’

In response to Mike Shouse’s letter to the editor (“We need good people to run for state, national office,” The Herald, Aug. 28): There are… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Sept. 17

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Ignatius: Hong Kong protests could go the way of Arab Spring

The protesters have broad popular support but no leaders who could forge a pragmatic victory.

Is Trump’s inaction par for the course?

Nero “fiddled” while Rome burned. While hundreds faced death and destruction from Hurricane Dorian, Trump “golfed.” Enough said. Gloria (Martell) McClinchy Everett… Continue reading

Megan McArdle’s fresh perspective appreciated

Thank you for carrying Megan McArdle’s column on the Herald Opinion page (“Why conservatives are split on how to fight the left,” The Herald, Sept.… Continue reading

Milbank: A stable genius bit Pence; but it wasn’t Trump

Was Triple Crown winner American Pharoh leading the vice-president to stand up to the president?

Parker: The Times turns boozy hearsay against justice

Editing deleted important information, but the Kavanaugh story was already short on corroboration.

Democrats not innocent of prejudicial actions

Regarding the article on Providence’s countywide study on prejudice (“Providence countywide study says prejudice still on the rise,” The Herald Sept. 15): I have found… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Sept. 17

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading