Parker: Does Alabama want to be the worst state for women?

Along with barring abortions even in cases of rape or incest, rapists can seek custody of the child.

Rampell: The economic threat in Trump’s latest scapegoat

The Federal Reserve looks out for jobs and prices. Trump’s criticisms are a danger to that mandate.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, June 11

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Google, Facebook should pay for news they use

Both have made billions selling ads linked to news stories but without paying those who produce the news.

Harrop: Some towns see dwindling population as opportunity

Towns in France and the U.S. are using recent vacancies to each community’s advantage.

Not buying Trump’s excuses about Vietnam

On June 6 we celebrated the anniversary of D-Day, when Allied Forces stormed the beaches at Normandy. As an American, it was an embarrassment to… Continue reading

Ralph Nader’s right; scrap the Boeing 737 Max

Leave it to Ralph Nader to tell it like it is when everyone else pussyfoots around Boeing mismanagement (“Ralph Nader thinks the Boeing 737 Max… Continue reading

Robinson: Presidential ambitions could sink hopes in Congress

We need Democrats in the Senate as much as the White House; some need to switch to race for Congress.

Save the Mountlake Terrace trees from Sound Transit

Thanks to The Herald for its recent story about the sacrifice of thousands of I-5 trees for Sound Transit (“To make room for light rail,… Continue reading

Trump tries to hide tax failure with tariffs

President Trump is trying to make up for his tax cuts by putting tariffs on everyone. It’s funny to listen to his excuses. The tariffs… Continue reading

Cut down on plastic by skipping kitchen garbage bags

There is much talk and letter writing these days regarding recycling and minimizing the use of plastics. There is one thing that nearly everyone does… Continue reading

Early morning police standoff disturbing

Sad and angry Monday morning, after being awake much of the night. After a lovely day at home, we were awakened Sunday night by bullhorns… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Monday, June 10

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Fox News often contradicts itself

After I read a letter to the editor I often try to guess from which network or radio station the writer acquired his or her… Continue reading

Milbank: What to expect July 4 from ‘your favorite President’

Trump has remade other holidays; why not a Trump rally in D.C. in place of the Fourth of July?

Petri: Face it; men just aren’t suited to serve as president

Not all men are Warren G. Harding, but should we risk electing a man to the nation’s highest office?

Saunders: Who was Pelosi’s ‘lock him up’ moment meant for?

The House Speaker still is picking a careful path on impeachment, respectful of the potential pitfalls.

Who’s responsible for alcohol addiction? Makers or users?

If Big Pharma is going to settle out of court and is found guilty for opioid addictions, then there is absolutely no reason why big… Continue reading

Abortion decision must be left to each woman

Access to family planning and safe abortion services is a basic human right and should be available to all woman. Choosing to have an abortion… Continue reading

Barr has the final say on Mueller report

I watched Mueller’s short resignation speech and was quite amazed by his demeanor. It looked like he was on the final 13th step onto the… Continue reading