Editorial cartoons for Monday, April 22

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Maybe poor writing, editing to blame for newspapers’ decline

It has been known for some time that newspaper readership is trending downward and newspapers are dying across the land. Reasons for this are not… Continue reading

Senate legislation on opioids could mistakenly harm patients

As a local pharmacist and long-time Snohomish County resident, I know firsthand that substance abuse and misuse are critical problems facing our region. And minimizing… Continue reading

Take message for orca protection to Congress, too

While I am deeply respectful of Lanni Johnson’s fast for orca protection and hope it works, I have learned a different way to influence change… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, April 21, Easter

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Notre Dame’s long history of resilience

The cathedral was built, damaged, neglected and modified over centuries. It’s history is not over.

Commentary: State expects counties to pick up election tab

Every other district with elections on the ballot pays its costs. Yet the state gets a free ride.

Commentary: Congress scores win for our nation’s public lands

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has been permanently renewed. Now Congress must fund it.

Robinson: Barr’s spin doesn’t matter; Congress’ next move does

The Mueller report didn’t indict Trump for obstruction, but it handed a road map to Congress.

Dionne: ‘What do we rebuild?’ of Notre Dame and Catholic Church

The catherdral changed over centuries, as it will after the fire. The church faces same challenge.

Parker: Some thoughts on the ashes in Paris, Mueller report

At Notre Dame, there’s hope for a renewed cathedral. Trump’s renewal may prove harder to come by.

Mark Earth Day with support for Congress’ Carbon Dividend Act

On April 22, a billion people will participate in Earth Day activities worldwide. In our own region, Earth Week will include free entry to state… Continue reading

Trump voters see country the same American way

Regarding Mike Mitchell’s commentary “What a Trump voter wants to say” in the April 6 Herald: Thank you, thank you, Mike for your brilliant commentary.… Continue reading

No to Kmart housing proposal; I didn’t vote for growth

After reading about the proposed building plans for the old Kmart property I have to say No! (“Affordable housing projects could bring 700 units to… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, April 20

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

EvergreenHealth Monroe provided excellent care

Recently, I spent nine days in the hospital following emergency surgery at EvergreenHealth Monroe. My physician was Dr. Michael Eickerman. While I was in the… Continue reading

Herald’s Cirque du Soleil photos were well composed

Wonderful photos by Herald photographer Andy Bronson in the last A&E section (“Cirque du Soleil glibes in new direction: the ice rink,” The Herald, April… Continue reading

Petri: Barr saves you the trouble of reading Mueller report

It’s best if you don’t say they word “collusion” unaccompanied by the word “no” in front of Trump.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, April 19

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Try again on safeguarding privacy of personal data

State lawmakers’ last-ditch attempt to pass a bill left consumer advocates out of the conversation.