Forum: Congress will have to reach across aisle; how about us?

With Congress split between the parties, legislation requires cooperation. We can do the same.

Forum: Education builds dreams, but not necessarily for refugees

A talk by a Rohingya refugee in Malaysia explains why a country’s legal status is key to fair shot.

Schwab: Finding graditude, inspiration from father I never knew

I followed the career path of my father who died before my birth, work that now might have saved him.

Comment: Our county has what’s needed for world-class education

We’ve built high-quality schools, pre-K through post-secondary. We need to coordinate them as one.

Comment: Immigration reform will become an economic necessity

The working age population is shrinking. Immigrants won’t replace Americans; we need them to work.

Comment: The messages held in shooting-site memorials

In Colorado Springs, the rainbow flags are an exuberant rebuke and a reminder of stubborn optimism.

Comment: ‘Hardcore’ may not mean what Musk thinks it means

A photo showing Musk and a ‘hardcore’ nucleus skews young and very male. Is that what he means?


Editorial cartoons for Friday, Nov. 25

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading


Comment: A fantasy film with more truth than Thanksgiving myth

Where our Thanksgiving myth obscures the history of colonialism, ‘Wakanda Forever’ explores its legacy.

Comment: Finding thankfulness in a return to ‘public happiness’

For the most part, the recent election showed signs public participation in politics might be on the rebound.


Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Nov. 24, Thanksgiving Day

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Krista and Eric Brown are the owners of The Grape & Grain bottle shop in Everett. (Jon Bauer / The Herald

Editorial: A big way to support small businesses, communities

Small Business Saturday is your invitation to help small businesses, their employees and your town.

Krista and Eric Brown are the owners of The Grape & Grain bottle shop in Everett. (Jon Bauer / The Herald

Harrop: Are racial, gender ‘firsts’ for electeds still a thing?

The voters don’t seem to care. Can we stick to issues and qualifications rather than quotas?

Time remains to restore Child Tax Credit to fight childhood poverty

Thanks to Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson for explaining House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts and “legislative triumphs” over the last two decades that helped create… Continue reading

Time to end Trump’s attacks on elections

In all my 88 years, never did I think I’d see fellow Americans acting like the election deniers do. If they win, everything is righteous.… Continue reading

Why won’t Congress fix Social Security’s solvency?

The Herald’s editorial about the impending depletion of Social Security funds was well-written, necessary and maddening (“Drain on Social Security’s solvency isn’t easing,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Comment: Musk needs Trump as much as Trump needs Twitter

Trump remains a threat to incite violence, but that’s no concern to Musk, who wants the eyes Trump promises.

Comment: Special prosecutor for Trump isn’t a Mueller sequel

Expect Garland to let his special counsel make the call and for Trump the seek immunity from prosecution.


Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Nov. 23

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What I saw differs from report on Seattle’s 2020 protest

I’m responding to the article, “Review slams Seattle police response to 2020 protest zone.” To use the modern riff of a fact checker I will… Continue reading