Housing aid is needed urgently by many

Thanks for The Herald’s continuing coverage of the Covid-19 crisis (“Evictions on hold statewide amid COVID-19 outbreak,” The Herald, March 19). I am gravely concerned… Continue reading

Isolation raises concerns during stay-home orders

The last few weeks with the mass development of coronavirus has gotten me concerned with the schools, churches and fellowship services being cancelled and people… Continue reading

We need to think of others during this crisis

I feel that I have seen most everything in life at my advanced age and one thing that I have noticed is that we don’t… Continue reading

Comment: What we know should guide choices on risks we take

There’s likely more risk of exposure to coronavirus in using an elevator than in being outdoors.

Donations to Herald? Here’s a quarter for my thoughts

The Herald recently sent a notice to subscribers seeking donations to stay afloat. Instead, I suggest that you implement several cost cutting measures to stop… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, March 26

A sketchy look at the day in the Covid-19 outbreak (and politics).… Continue reading

Harrop: Even when socially distant, we’re in this together

Even without physical contact, we find ways to connect and feel a sense of purpose to this separation.

Robert Horton’s film reviews will be missed

it’s been a great gig,” The Herald, March 12): I’ve… Continue reading

Where are the ample tests promised for Covid-19?

Up until yesterday, I hadn’t heard much regarding the serology tests that Vice President Mike Pence teased, early on in the “war.” Do we know… Continue reading

Work of all at Herald to provide coverage is appreciated

I just want to thank The Herald for providing local news during this health crisis. I really appreciate everyone involved with providing a newspaper, from… Continue reading

Comment: It’s politically sticky, but Americans need debt aid

It’s tricky to cancel federal debt and taxes and send out relief checks, but it can save our economy.

Commentary: Look to WWII for a sense of where economy stands

In bracing for a Covid-19 recession, there are some parallels with America during and after the war.

Commentary: Trump’s cold feet on Covid-19 response risky

The economic costs of current restrictions are severe; lifting them early could be even more damaging.

Crisis reveals gaps in support for nursing homes in state

I appreciate the article published March 22 regarding nursing home outbreaks. The Covid-19 outbreak presents opportunity for Washington’s governor and Legislature to significantly change how… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, March 25

A sketchy look at the day in the Covid-19 outbreak (and politics).… Continue reading

Here’s what should be in Congress’ Covid-19 relief bill

The following should be included in the Covid-19 economic stimulus bill: Expressly provide charitable nonprofits with $60 billion in any emergency funding. Create a robust… Continue reading

More family time is one advantage to staying home

There are some positive points about on this current crisis. This evening I saw more families talking a walk together: mother, father, kidsand dogs than… Continue reading

Editorial: Stay home as much as possible. Please.

Every trip outside your home puts you and others at risk. Keep those trips to the absolute minimum.

Commentary: Trump’s mistrust of experts has diluted response

He has sidelined the experts we need to confront the outbreak, and left the details to his son-in-law.

Commentary: Yes, you can make masks for health care workers

WWII-era Americans knitted wool socks for soldiers; we can come to the aid of front-line medical staff.