Editorial: State, federal responsibility clearer on vaping

Greater oversight is needed of the ingredients of e-cigarette products and how they are sold.

Harrop: New York turned its back to Trump long before he left

Trump’s name has literally come down in the Big Apple; it’s no wonder he’s moving to Mar-A-Lago.

Rubin: Why GOP witness wish list shows they can’t defend Trump

All Republicans have are distractions, claims of unfairness and threats aimed at the whistleblower.

Why was Veterans Day ceremony not observed in Everett?

Just wondering why there were no Veterans Day ceremony at the Eternal Flame located next to the Snohomish County Courthouse? The six of us who… Continue reading

Commentary: State farmers need quick passage of trade deal

Congress should act soon to ratify the trade pact with Mexico and Canada; many farms are counting on it.

Burke: What’s worse than a lie? Not caring you’ve been lied to

Trump continues to lie because he get away with it; and his supporters have encouraged those falsehoods.

Expand tax credits to working families

I was very concerned to read an article in the Oct. 15 Herald, “IMF downgrades outlook for world economy,” because the people who bear the… Continue reading

Please don’t feed the squirrels

Our beautiful community is growing at breakneck speed. Every time I drive down our streets, new housing developments are popping up. It’s a no brainer… Continue reading

Saunders: There’s a good reason to identify the whistleblower

Judging the veracity of the allegation against Trump requires consideration of the whistleblower’s motives.

Sorry to see Everett’s Burgermaster close

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to eat at Burgermaster on Evergreen Way at 75th, having read that it was closing. There were… Continue reading

Would it be easier to provide vaccinations in the schools?

The recent article in The Herald about school vaccinations showed how complicated things have become in modern day America (“Schools to bar hundreds of unvaccinated… Continue reading

Comment: Why is state spending $500K to study single-payer?

State lawmakers never approved such a working group, yet they put money in the budget to fund it.

Don’t print letters on races that don’t matter to most readers

I greatly appreciate The Herald’s and other newspapers’ efforts to inform us about the issues and the candidates, but I’m sure nobody’s interested in who… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Nov. 10

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Publisher’s ebook embargo a threat to libraries

Limiting Everett and Sno-Isle libraries to one ebook copy of new titles isn’t publishing.

Has Boeing relied too much on hope regarding 737 Max?

In many articles and TV news reports I’ve seen and heard words to the effect that Boeing has hopes the plan will be in place,… Continue reading

  • Nov 10, 2019

Sheriff’s deputies could have been disciplined, not fired

It seems to me that the Sheriff Ty Trenary’s action in firing the two deputies for violation of department policy is an overreaction and some… Continue reading

Viewpoint: How to stop teen vaping? Treat it like Sudafed

Limiting e-cigarettes to pharmacies would keep access for adult smokers but not for those under 21.

Where’s outcry over charge dropped for gun possession?

Regarding the article about two deputies being fired (“Sheriff fires 2 deputies for illegal vehicle search,” The Herald, Nov. 2): In the article is the… Continue reading