Herald wrong to pull Garrison Keillor column

I am disgusted that The Herald has joined the popular media in condemning Garrison Keillor. He has entertained us for almost a half-century and you… Continue reading

Milbank: Bake me a cake as equitably as you can

If you can’t refuse a service to racial or other minorities, you can’t refuse it for gays or lesbians.

Saunders: Different conclusions drawn from Mueller’s latest

The Russia story has two schools of interpretation; only time will tell which one is correct.

Staffing levels for Everett Fire Department questioned

I would like to offer congratulations to the voting citizens of the city of Everett in the mayor’s election. The results are in and the… Continue reading

What do we get for second-highest state gas tax in nation?

I read with interest the article in the Sept. 17 Herald; “Pay-by-the-mile pilot tests waters on gas tax replacement,” written by Melissa Slager. I can… Continue reading

Where’s the outrage over verdict in shooting death?

What an abomination of justice! (“Trial focused on shooting despite spotlight on immigration,” The Herald, Dec. 1.) And, amazingly, not one single cry for more… Continue reading

Will: Despite doubts, GOP’s tax plan is worth the risk

Republicans do not know — nobody does — but they might be right, and their wager is worth trying.

Commentary: Environmental efforts not showing good results

We need to be good stewards, but some restrictions and rules only result in friction and resistance.

Editorial cartoons for Dec. 6

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Ignatius: Can the U.S. stop North Korea’s nuclear ambitions?

The bigger question is whether diplomacy can avoid the cataclysm of a military option.

Milbank: Team Trump’s eroding explanations for Russia contacts

The talking points are revised so often it amounts to a Marshall Plan for moving goal posts.

Robots may not take ‘creative’ jobs, but they’re not best-paying

I would like to respond to the article in the Dec. 3 Herald titled, “Robots may replace nearly a third of U.S. workers.” The article… Continue reading

Editorial: Low turnout points to a failure in civic lives

Low voter turnout is a result — but also a cause — in the decline in civic engagement.

Congestion already a problem at 88th Street in Marysville

I knew it years ago and I see it today, the retail expansions on 88th Street in Marysville have now created a traffic congestion problem.… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Dec. 5

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Harrop: In Meghan Markle’s ‘Suits,’ only the men wear them

The women in the legal series are smart and tough, but their dress undermines that portrayal.

Opportunity for education should be offered worldwide

I am thankful for the innocent faces and Thanksgiving wisdom of the Pathfinder Kindergarten students. (‘Turkey talk: Kindergartners explain Thanksgiving,” by Caleb Hutton, The Herald,… Continue reading

Robinson: What is Trump so desperately trying to dismiss?

If there was no collusion or obstruction why go to such lengths to deny and obscure it?

Universal Basic Income warrants consideration

Regarding James McCusker’s Dec. 1 column “Should people be paid to do nothing?”: Mr. McCusker opposes the Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement, aka Guaranteed Annual… Continue reading