Ignatius: Control of information motive in Khashoggi’s death

The slaying by Saudis has revealed a high-tech spy network aimed at extremism and dissent.

Milbank: In praising George H.W. Bush, Trump is renounced

The eulogists’ comparisons of the two presidencies were not explicit but could not be missed.

Parker: Justice due victims of billionaire sex-offender

A newspaper has exposed who helped Jeffrey Epstein get a light sentence for child sexual abuse.

Robinson: Why a black man can’t be NRA’s ‘good guy with a gun’

Black men still are being killed by police without reason, especially when they’re legally carrying.

Schwab correct on results of Trump, GOP economic policies

I whole-heartedly agree with Sid Schwab’s thoughts (“The silver lining in Trump’s and the GOP’s cloud,” The Herald, Dec. 1) on the malignant bent to… Continue reading

Viewpoints: What would G.H.W. Bush do about climate change?

What he did for cleaner air was to use market forces to encourage industry to reduce emissions.

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Dec. 8

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Schwab: Must be getting uncomfortable for true conservatives

The bad news — and refuted lies — continue to pile up against Trump. It’s not too late to join the fight.

Thanks to organizer of Snohomish Candlelight Riverwalk

As we enjoy the Christmas season in Snohomish, I would like to recognize and commend Karen Guzak and her volunteers for creating the annual Snohomish… Continue reading

The Buzz: Can’t say for sure, but here’s what Mueller redacted

Too bad about the bear spray and that Amazon robot; and it was up for Employee of the Quarter, too.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Dec. 7

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Change school bond passage to simple majority

Requiring 60 percent approval to pass bonds shortchanges students and isn’t fiscally responsible.

Even with a tax increase, ‘socialism’ is a good deal

In James McCusker’s column this week (“Will ‘free stuff tempt Americans to try socialism?” Dec. 1), he mentioned that “American families earning the average wage… Continue reading

If you’re looking to give, pay off a child’s school lunch debt

As we enter into this holiday season, we are all subject to requests for donations of one kind or another; 99.9 percents of these requests… Continue reading

Somebody pays for socialism’s ‘free stuff’: you and me

I hope Herald readers took the time to read James McCusker’s Dec. 1 column (Will “free stuff” tempt Americans to try socialism?) especially those who… Continue reading

Thiessen: Trump has advantage in trade dispute with China

Both sides have called a 90-day cease fire, but so far Trump looks to have leverage over China’s Xi.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Dec. 6

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Yes, voters passed I-940; now it should be changed

A collaboration improves the state law on police shootings and prepares the ground for future work.

Harrop: We’re trashing a world we’re supposed to pass down

History will condemn Trump’s refusal to do anything about climate change other than make it worse.

Ignatius: Deal pulls Flynn out of his ‘downward trajectory’

Michael Flynn’s decision to cooperate with Robert Mueller isn’t the first time he’s had to come clean.