Rampell: After Epstein deal, Acosta still ignoring victims

The former prosecutor’s Labor Department has slowed the visa process for victims of sex trafficking.

Reconsidering our independence from British

I couldn’t celebrate independence from England on July. If we had remained an English colony, we wouldn’t have this horrendous amount of gun violence. We… Continue reading

Would Sid Schwab be happier in a socialist country?

Leave it to radical leftist columnist Sid Schwab to make something inspiring into something ugly (“Trump goes Fourth to boost his ego at home and… Continue reading

Answers to nagging questions are in front of us

We, as a society, push alcohol at every turn, and when people become alcoholics and end up on the street we wonder why. We push… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, July 9

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Go ahead, call us ‘Seattle NorthCountry’

If it helps visitors find us — and boosts our local economy — we’ll adjust to the new name.

Harrop: A few climate change ‘winners’ won’t make up for losers

Some regions might actually see economic growth, but benefits and pain would be unequally distributed.

Robinson: A championship team ought to be paid like one

The U.S. Soccer Federation pays the men’s team more for a World Cup loss than it pays the women for a win.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, July 8

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

McArdle: Democrats, please give moderates someone to vote for

Trump picked up swing states by going to the center on economic policy; to win, you must do the same.

Saunders: Trump outreach to Kim has advantage of being untried

But, so far, the diplomatic efforts have been as unproductive as those of previous presidents.

Will: Eager to play to progressives, Democrats sounding silly

Harris can’t decide on the fate of private insurance, and Biden lacks the courage of past convictions.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, July 7

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Viewpoints: A fix to gerrymandering is up to the voters

With the Supreme Court saying it’s powerless, voters will have to remedy partisan-drawn districts.

Commentary: A little skepticism, please, for posts and emails

Can we check suspicious claims we see on Facebook and emails before we let our outrage run rampant?

Parker: Racial issues — for good or ill — enter Democratic race

Harris’ attacks on Biden are working for now, but she and others risk appearing opportunistic.

Robinson: Trump shows he doesn’t understand Fourth of July

The day belongs to Americans, not the nation’s leaders. And it honors — above all — a declaration.

Dionne: ‘Age of Impunity’ holds high costs for world and U.S.

Millions are confronting violence throughout the world; our silence encourages its perpetrators.

Hard to feel sorry over software thief’s restitution bill

I read with interest the story of the “poor” women who absconded with $7.6 million of software from Microsoft and now is expected to pay… Continue reading

Defendant’s bail in 1972 cold case should be revoked

I have been following the cold murder case of Jody Loomis, the 20-year-old girl who was raped, shot in the head and left to die… Continue reading