Editorial: FAA, U.S. aviation needn’t be hostage in shutdowns

Legislation in Congress would keep air traffic controllers and others on the job — and paid.

Harrop: Time to shift focus from Democrats’ radicals

Safe in their own districts, those on the far left threaten the gains made by Democrats elsewhere.

McArdle: Democrats showing — sadly — they’ve learned from Trump

Democrats botched the rollout of the Green New Deal; their denials take a page from Trump’s playbook.

Milbank: Give hardest-working president in history a break

You think it’s easy crafting insults, shifting blame for the shutdown and attending MAGA rallies?

Concrete recycler’s impacts are being addressed

I am writing in response to Jan. 28 Herald article (“Proposed concrete recycling plant clears largest hurdle”). The article takes an adversarial position against Interwest… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Feb. 13

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Auto-enroll IRA can help more save for retirement

Legislation would sign up those whose employers don’t offer a savings plan but allow them to opt out.

Ignatius: Trump-Kim summit could mark path to safer world

We can’t expect a sudden stand-down by North Korea, but a phased process can create its own momentum.

Milbank: Drawing a line between fair criticism, anti-Semitism

A Democrat’s anti-Semitic tweet was appalling; her response and that of Democrats was promising.

No fines outlined in state lawmakers’ records bill?

I find it interesting that Sen. Jamie Pedersen did not add language regarding fines to his legislation regarding lawmakers and the Public Records Act (“Legislative… Continue reading

Rampell: Democrats’ big ideas must be honest about trade-offs

To avoid being the GOP of 2016, Democrats must be explicit on how they’re proposals will be paid for.

TSA agents can help prevent another shutdown

I would like to commend Robert Breisch for his Jan. 23 letter to the editor (“TSA agents should go off job to force end to… Continue reading

Commentary: Congress considers bills to rein-in robocallers

One would update wording that autodialers take advantage of. The other would crack down on spoofers.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Feb. 12

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Milbank: Accidental AG Whitaker’s five minutes are up

With Democrats running House committees now, expect similar performances from Trump officials.

Put on your big-boy undies and grab a shovel

The governments, cities and citizens of Western Washington need to get a grip and learn to handle snow events like the rest of the country… Continue reading

Robinson: Yes, Virginia, investigate your top state officials

The decision by all three to stay put requires a review of their pasts to guide what happens next.

Burke: Trump’s a master wall builder; watch him stonewall

Trump and his administration have found that whatever the question, the best answer is no answer.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Feb. 11

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading