Gerson: Proof is strong obstruction occurred and was intended

Mueller’s report provides no vindication for Trump; and it provides conviction for Congress to act.

Ignatius: What the Mueller report actually accomplished

It found no conspiracy, was undecided on obstruction, but showed the American system hasn’t buckled.

Monroe hospital levy will help provide obstetrics care

As a primary care physician, I care for patients of all ages and with varying health care needs. While I offer individualized care for each… Continue reading

Problem isn’t with Trump’s voters, but with Trump

The commentary by Mike Mitchell (“What a Trump voter wants to say,” The Herald, April 6) raises questions that I would like more Trump voters… Continue reading

Valley needs to support Monroe hospital with levy yes vote

We need to support our valley hospital. There is no way I could name all the things a community needs. I do know of a… Continue reading

Yes to plastic bag ban; no to fee for paper bags

While I support the goals of state Senate Bill 5323 and agree that the problem of plastics in our oceans must be addressed, I am… Continue reading

Editorial: It’s past time to end twice-yearly time change

Gov. Inslee’s signature could boost a West Coast initiative for year-round daylight saving time.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, April 18

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Harrop: Paris, New York — sisters in pain — value their landmarks

Humble or grand — in stature or history — buildings can come to hold great meaning for communities.

Ignatius: Trump can use China’s stumble to U.S. advantage

U.S. intelligence agencies are on to the espionage behind its ‘Made in China 2025’ plan.

McArdle: Brexit, Trump are flailing, but play isn’t over yet

It’s possible we’re in the middle of Act Two, approaching what screenwriters call the false victory.

Monroe hospital levy’s improvements will use money carefully

I am old-school. I like things that work well, add value to my life, and last for a while. That’s why I am voting yes… Continue reading

Paid parking at Providence hospital is probably due

Regarding the recent article (“Paid parking coming to Providence medical’s Everett campuses,” The Herald, April 8), this is probably due. We have used and enjoyed… Continue reading

Providence could validate parking for patients, visitors

Regarding the recent article (“Paid parking coming to Providence medical’s Everett campuses,” The Herald, April 8), to quote Darren Redick, “The goal of implementing this… Continue reading

Some other ‘what if’s to consider about guns, self-defense

In Vaughan Houger’s April 5 letter about Mary Cooper and her daughter, who were murdered while hiking in the Cascades, he basically proposed that being… Continue reading

Too little information is offered on costs of tax measures

In the past month several promotional flyers have been in the mail encouraging a yes vote on one proposition or another on April 23. They… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, April 17

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Has increase for Marysville regional fire been justified?

I just received my ballot, along with the only issue to vote on: Marysville Fire District Regional Fire Authority, Proposition 1. This attempt to create… Continue reading

Have parents pay for school extras, not local taxpayers

Shame on The Herald for endorsing the continuous mismanagement of out tax dollars by advocating for another money grab by the school district (“Lawmakers must… Continue reading

If the state wans to keep clam, it should be a geoduck

The Legislature is intending to enact, without a vote of the people, a law designating the razor clam as our official state clam. While digging… Continue reading