Commentary: Ideological battles in the airport lounge

If CNN or Fox News is playing on a TV in public, just who is susceptible to its influence?

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Sept. 16

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Ingatius: The ‘other’ D.C. insider book you should read

John Kerry’s new memoir is a reminder of the benefits of sanity, self-knowledge and honesty.

Laws shouldn’t be changed to allow ATVs on roads

I have been following the recent articles in The Herald regarding the appearance of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on state roads and city streets (“County looks… Continue reading

Parker: Democrats’ 11th-hour bit of gossip a partisan failure

After this bid to delay Kavanaugh’s conformation, Democrats only hope for decency is to vote for him.

Rampell: When politics stymies response to financial crisis

Bailouts were unpopular, but necessary. What happens the next time something unpopular must be done?

Sax insults voters with baseless release of old records

I read with outrage and incredulity Jeff Sax’s claim he was “moral compelled” to make records public regarding allegations against rival John Lovick made over… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Anonymous op-ed wasn’t civil disobedience

The writer, in concealing his or her identity to escape consequences, invites doubt over motive.

Why weren’t teacher contract talks held earlier?

When school was about to start, what was it we heard? “Hey, let’s start talking about contracts.” You folks had all summer You folks, simply… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Sept. 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Schwab: Kavanaugh completes Republicans’ court of last resort

Losing control of executive and legislative branches, the GOP locks in its policies in the judicial.

The Buzz: Florence, the White House and other disasters

In solidarity with the residents of the Carolinas, we’re wearing our high-water pants.

Vote yes for Everett’s Medic One levy

In my 14 years as mayor of Everett, I worked alongside the incredible public servants of Medic One. They are the true heroes, rushing to… Continue reading

Commentary: Transparency should guide on public records

A panel working to apply the public records law to state lawmakers should put the public first.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Sept. 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Public lands, parks fund again faces termination

The Land and Water Conservation Fund will go dark if not reauthorized by Congress before Sept. 30.

Milbank: Unstoppable Florence meets Trump’s unmoveable D.C.

A year after Maria kills 2,975 in Puerto Rico, Congress sets a hearing, canceled because of Flo.

Past logging is partly to blame for wildfires

In response to the Aug. 31 letter to the editor, “More logging in forest would curb wildfires,” I must say this is totally erroneous. Past… Continue reading

Rampell: The record — so far — on Trump’s deregulatory agenda

Trump supporters point to his deregulation efforts as victories, but who’s benefiting and who’s not?

Striking teachers should quit, find other work

Enough with the annual teacher strike “hostage taking.” Don’t like your pay? Find another profession. You are not “for the children.” We can find your… Continue reading