Alcohol, accidents kill more than guns

In doing some research regarding deaths by firearm, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of people killed in mass shootings… Continue reading

Burke: When you commander in chief can’t live up to your motto

Unable to live up to the codes of conduct at U.S. military academies, Trump would be drummed out.

Don’t force Medicare Part B on postal retirees

As a member of the federal community who served our country for years, I am concerned with an attempt to force current U.S. Postal Service… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Sept. 10

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Keep coverage of alcohol off The Herald’s front page

This is in regard to the letter to the editor from James Tobler (“Herald includes too much coverage of alcohol” The Herald, Sept. 4). I… Continue reading

Milbank: Unable to run on issues, GOP group slings lies

Paul Ryan, in raising money for a PAC, is going out on the low road with attack ads.

Saunders: Anonymous only told us what Trump already tweeted

You can question the integrity of the ‘senior official,’ but not what’s going on in the White House.

Teachers don’t need a raise in pay

Enough from the teachers union, protesting the need for an increase in pay. Simply drive through the teachers’ parking lot, look at the cars, and… Continue reading

Can’t see NFL players’ names under all that hair

How come the pro football players have such long hair? They make enough money to get a haircut every day. There should be a law… Continue reading

Commentary: Getting kids to class key to success in school

Kids face many obstacles to getting to school. We must remove those barriers to their achievement.

Commentary: Kavanaugh hearings a primer into court’s path

The outcome will be no surprise, but watching the hearings sets the agenda for national debate.

Commentary: Why was history allowed to go up in flames?

Museum collections can’t care for themselves, and more museums are facing cuts to funding.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Sept. 9

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Trade disputes’ effects rolling in on prices, jobs

Talks continue with Canada, but as China and the U.S. swap tariffs, economic impacts loom.

Parker: Booker should take a lesson from his ‘Spartacus’ gaffe

His threat to release a confidential Kavanaugh memo wasn’t as heroric as he thought; it was out.

Robinson: We’ve heard this before; this time it’s credible

Cabinet and Congress won’t move to dislodge Trump; restoring sanity is in the hands of voters.

Trump White House is unraveling at the seams

Never before in my lifetime have I seen a president experience such turmoil on a consistent basis. Besides an economy that is arguably stronger than… Continue reading

Vote yes on Everett ballots for Medic One services

As parents, we strongly support Everett Proposition 3 and Medic One. With young children (and one on the way!) we know the care and protection… Continue reading

We need a Letter Writing Day

Perhaps we need a new holiday called Letter Writing Day. On this holiday, no cards please, everyone has to write a letter to someone. Some… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Sept. 8

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading