Parker: There has to be a better way at the border

The ‘solution’ of separating child and parent takes a toll on those detained but also on our humanity.

Robinson: Taking children from parents is what dictators do

The White House isn’t even hiding the fact that the purpose of this inhumanity is to instill fear.

Shouldn’t be surprising that opinion columnists have opinions

In regard to the June 9 letter to the editor concerning Eugene Robinson, judging from his comment about Mr. Robinson’s lack of objectivity, it seems… Continue reading

Tell Congress to take steps to address poverty in U.S.

The real question should be: Why is poverty rising anywhere in the world’s richest country? (“Why poverty is rising faster in suburbs,” by Scott W.… Continue reading

Viewpoints: When a father gets a second chance at success

After prison and homelessness, a dad gets a shot to rebuild his life at Edmonds Community College.

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, June 16

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Herald’s Julie Muhlstein a compassionate writer

I’m writing to express my appreciation for the article in The Herald about my uncle, Paul Bochan, by Julie Muhlstein (“Concentration camp survivor found a… Continue reading

Kids enjoyed Everett’s 125th birthday party

Thank you, City of Everett and all the participants at the 125th anniversary celebration June 2. We took three of our grandkids. We were genuinely… Continue reading

Schwab: ‘President Putin on the line for you, Mr. President’

Before it could be ripped up, we got the transcript of the latest call between Trump and Putin.

The Buzz: America’s leading supplier of dad jokes

Raccoons aren’t the only ones with impulse control issues.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, June 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Ignatius: ‘Velvet revolution’ makes Armenia a nation of smiles

It’s tossed its authoritarian leader but faces challenges from Russia and a history of corruption.

Milbank: What passes for concern in a Dickensian America

Fearful of Trump’s base, some in GOP manage a weak display of compassion on addiction, immigration.

Reporting non-emergency online didn’t get a response

Regarding the commentary by the Yakima Herald-Republic editorial board (“A reminder to save 911 for real emergencies,” The Herald, June 6) it is recommended non-emergency… Continue reading

Thiessen: It’s too early to criticize Trump’s diplomatic effort

President Trump won’t make the same mistakes with a North Korea deal that Obama made with Iran.

Tone of headline about seniors’ marriage was insensitive

The headline in the June 8 Herald, “They’re done shacking up,” about my marriage at 92 to 88-year-old Marilyn Ogden, showed a complete lack of… Continue reading

We need to respect each other’s decency

Sometimes I don’t find it very good they way people think they have to be successful and make money. I also don’t find it a… Continue reading

We’re still waiting for ‘great again’ to kick in

You try to ignore it but after a while the continuing onslaught of exaggerations, half-truths and outright lying becomes numbing in the realization that so… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, June 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Quiz candidates on needed Social Security reforms

Social Security is now drawing from its trust funds. We have about 16 years before they run dry.