Assisted suicide story wrong to celebrate death

I completely concur with a recent letter to the editor objecting to the story in the Aug. 30 Herald, “In the face of death, a… Continue reading

At least let people vote on roundabouts

My husband and I moved to Marysville in 1981, purchased our first home together, and have been residents ever since. My husband served in the… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Sept. 12

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: State needs to help local districts build schools

A land swap could add to state school construction funds, but it’s a far cry from what’s needed.

McArdle: Why conservatives are split on how to fight the left

The choice for conservatives appears to be either losing gracefully or fighting to the bitter end?

Milbank: While we were distracted, federal agencies gutted

As with other agencies, the Trump administration quietly moves to incapacitate a functioning BLM.

Parker: Sanford’s challenge of Trump comes at wrong time

The right time might have been before the former governor fled the country for an extramarital tryst.

Send tardy voters a note in the mail

I would like to address the article in the Sept. 8 Herald, “They voted but their ballots came in too late to be counted.” The… Continue reading

Story on assisted suicide raised important issues for all

The Aug. 30 story in The Herald, “In the face of death the party of a lifetime” was totally appropriate for the front page on… Continue reading

What’s wrong with offering thoughts, prayers?

So much bickering and complaining is going on in the news about whether to offer prayers or not to offer prayers when bad things happen.… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Sept. 11

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Harrop: Can we use good money donated by bad people?

It can depend on what was known at the time the money was accepted, but generally, yes.

Ignatius: A win for diplomacy among U.S. allies in Syria

One challenge for the U.S. response in Syria is keeping the peace between Turkey and the Kurds.

Leaving Afghanistan would be a disaster

Yes, Afghanistan is a quagmire, the longest war, and many American service personnel dead. How awful, huh? Eighteen years ago the Taliban were lynching their… Continue reading

Milbank: What was really ‘unbeknownst’ to us in Taliban treaty

What led Trump to believe a pact with an unrepentant enemy, signed near 9-11, would be a good idea?

Severance paid to health agency officers was waste of money

The article in the Sept. 3 Herald, “Resign or be fired: County health officer had a choice,” has led me to express my feelings. As… Continue reading

Stop maligning wetlands with ‘drain the swamp’ metaphor

“Drain the swamp.” For decades this phrase has been used by various politicians as a metaphor for getting rid of wasteful bureaucracy, government corruption, terrorism… Continue reading

We’re hearing all sides from letters to the editor

Had to chime in on the latest letter to the editor from Ken Weigel of Edmonds. He just seems like an angry old guy who… Continue reading

Editorial: Shuffling money to wall threatens future abuses

Money has been diverted, perhaps unconstitutionally, from vital military projects to fund Trump’s wall.

County should end gun shows at Monroe fairgrounds

The chief executive of Walmart knows it’s a truism that “Guns do not kill. People do.” Yet, they also know firsthand the truth that people… Continue reading