Commen: NAMI offers support regarding mental health needs

Parents and caregivers of those living with mental health challenges offer peer support and information.

Comment: Carbon’s impact on temperature worse than we thought

Even the most middle-of-the-road predictions of the disasters likely in store are bad enough.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Aug. 3

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Commentary: Threats to 2020 election extend to U.S. Senate

Time is running out for us to invest in badly needed security improvements to U.S. voting systems.

Comment: Finding higher ed that works with what you know

WGU offered a path that used what I had already learned and allowed me to progress at my own pace.

Commentary: ADA was made law just as my son needed it most

Months after my son suffered a brain injury, the ADA was passed, ensuring he could live an inclusive life.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Aug. 2

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Editorial: Wishful thinking useless against virus, recession

Concrete steps — by Congress and ourselves — are necessary to protect our health and the economy.

Marysville store manager showed poor attitude on masks

Recently I went into a local store in Marysville. I had fours loaves of bread I wanted to buy. When I finally got to the… Continue reading

Protests are no longer about George Floyd

A group of Marxist bullies called BLM and antifa have taken over the “news” lately, following the death of George Floyd. His death was the… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Pandemic puts our committment to ADA to test

Pandemic relief from Congress must include aid to vulnerable Americans, as the ADA requires.

What should school look like this fall?

Education and fellowship with other children is important. Staying free of the Covid-19 virus and protecting families is also important. I’m wondering if the risk… Continue reading

Commentary: We can control Covid without a second lockdown

What’s needed is an assessment of activities’ and communities’ transmission risks, then tailoring a response.

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Aug. 1

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Indigenous lives matter, too

That Black lives matter is important to remember. Also, lost in this discussion is the plight of Native Americans. They have the highest infant mortality… Continue reading

More stories and photos like the hummingbird feature, please

Thank you, Mike Benbow for the recent hummingbird photos and article (“How to turn your summer garden into a hummingbird haven,” The Herald, July 17).… Continue reading

Schwab: This is not what was meant by American exceptionalism

How have we, singular among advanced nations, become unwilling to confront challenges we once did?

Comment: Supreme Court’s recent treaty ruling could be undone

Tribes have won recent high court battles, but Congress could reverse the latest in Oklahoma.

Commentary: Why Biden’s choice for veep really does matter

Since the Carter administration, the vice presidency has been elevated in its influence and importance.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, July 31

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