Editorial: Yet another owner for The Everett Clinic

After its brief time with DaVita, uncertainty returns for the clinic with its sale to an insurer.

Much hinges on keeping Iran-U.S. nuclear deal in place

Donald Trump has long been an opponent of the nuclear deal with Iran. His impending decision to de-certify the deal contradicts the international consensus that… Continue reading

Parker: Contrasts in how parties dealt with Franken, Moore

The Democrats sacrificed their bad actor; the Republicans are fully backing theirs.

Petri: Questions to help clarify what is and isn’t a monument

If a bunch of white dudes are standing around it with torches, then it’s a cherished monument.

Robinson: Trump’s mutation of the Party of Lincoln is complete

If Roy Moore’s alleged grooming of teenagers can be ignored, then so too can Mueller’s investigation.

Snohomish PUD should heed its values on hydro project

Two recent letters to the editor in The Herald on Nov. 20 and Dec. 3 referenced the plight of Puget Sound because of diminishing orca… Continue reading

State’s gas tax is high because we don’t pay state income tax

Regarding the Dec. 7 letter to the editor asking why gas taxes are so high in Washington state: Seven states don’t have a state income… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Trump’s monumental mistake

The power to abolish or shrink monuments rests with Congress, not the president.

What’s Republican voters response to attacks on environment?

I have to wonder how rank-and-file Republicans and Trump supporters who claim to value the natural environment feel about Trump’s proclamation reducing the Escalante Grand… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Dec. 9

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Join Lake Stevens Aquafest Royalty for holiday events

For the past nine months as the 2017 Miss Aquafest, I’ve done so many things. My royalty sisters and I have volunteered at many events… Continue reading

Schwab: Trump not only one dissatisfied with his ‘intelligence’

One hopes actual conservatives are as horrified as those of us who recognize the impending danger.

Teddy Bear Breakfast raised $20,000-plus for kids health care

Thanks to an extraordinary group of volunteers representing Providence General Children’s Association and an amazing venue filled with gorgeous trees and lovely red poinsettias, over… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Dec. 8

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Gerson: The Roy Moore Test has exposed corruption among GOP

The RNC’s backing of Moore reveals a party with no judgment, no standards and a cloudy future.

Herald coverage played favorites in Snohomish

The Herald was happy printing an article praising Snohomish mayoral candidate Karen Guzak’s tolerance for the “cranky outsiders” who were actually concerned citizens that have… Continue reading

Ignatius: Global economy’s rise a matter of good policy, luck

Global markets rolled forward, as if oblivious to the man in the White House with a sledgehammer.

Increasing income not as simple for county taxpayers

Am I the only one who picked up on the Dave Somers’ Rule of Prudent County Finances? (“County exec dislikes county budget, but what can… Continue reading

Milbank: Doesn’t Trump ever get tired of losing so often?

From here to Jerusalem, Trump’s failed policies have set back prospects for peace, jobs and more.

Reconsider Trump’s ‘accomplishments’

When I come across misstatements and exaggerations by Trump supporters, I want to throw my hands in the air and yell “foul” with the loudest… Continue reading