Commentary: The divisive case for Limbaugh’s Medal of Freedom

The radio host is a misogynistic, racist, hatemonger; and he popularized conservative talk radio.

Delayed release of aid to Ukraine hurt an ally

By President Trump’s withholding of aid that Congress had approved for release to our ally, Ukraine, he not only caused a delay in Ukraine’s ability… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Feb. 7

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Need grows to aid foster kids, homeless students

State lawmakers must make investments that improve their educational outcomes and futures.

Harrop: Bloomberg wasn’t running and he still ‘won’ Iowa

The New York billionaire is showing he has the money, smarts and data saavy to outmatch Trump.

Senate actions upheld the Constitution

The headline in the Feb. 1 Herald, “Senate vote ensures Trump acquittal,” is incorrect. It should have read, “Senate vote upholds the U.S. Constitution.” The… Continue reading

Commentary: The state of Trump’s re-election campaign

Politics and the presidency always overlap. They just don’t usually overlap so ostentatiously.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Feb. 6

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: State still needs a full ban on vaping flavors

A state Senate bill offers needed provisions but not the ban on flavors that was first intended.

Former Everett mayor backs Mayor Pete in primary

In these challenging times, when hardened ideologies have all but stopped practical solutions in Washington, D.C., we need a collaborative leader with on-the-ground experience addressing… Continue reading

Impeachment acquittal is a coronation of Trump

After reading coverage of the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, it is obvious that the Senate is about to say our president is now… Continue reading

Rehire of fired deputies makes no one look good

Yes, Sheriff Adam Fortney, we do know what it looks like when hiring back three deputies previously fired for violating policy, two of whom contributed… Continue reading

Saunders: Trump stuck with Telepromter, not Twitter

But in a role-reversal, it was Nancy Pelosi who lost her cool and tore up a copy of the address.

Sheriff Fortney made right call to rehire deputies

Thank you, Herald, for the good news about our county Sheriff Adam Fortney reinstating deputies (“Fortney reinstates 2 more deputies fired by previous sheriff,” The… Continue reading

Commentary: Brace for tide of conspiracies with each vote

Twitter users wasted no time floating conspiracy theories amid the delay in Iowa’s caucus results.

Custodial care lacking at Snohomish pool

“Disgusting”! That was the thought that flooded my brain as my nostrils were assaulted by the dank and overpowering stench of stale urine! I had… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Feb. 5

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Saunders: Why Trump can’t claim victory at State of Union

Among Democrats and Republicans, they have been no winners in this endless impeachment war.

Support life-changing education with vote for Lakewood levies

I have always been proud of the way the Lakewood community supports its students. Community members volunteer, cheer students on at sporting events, show up… Continue reading

Vote yes on school measures to replace unsafe portables

My kids both went through the Marysville school system. Thankfully, a long time before the tragic events of the shooting at Marysville Pilchuck High School.… Continue reading