Schwab: Virus brings out worst, best in leaders and ourselves

Trump’s lack of leadership is countered by good governors. Gouging has been countered by charity.

Commentary: For many restaurants, this may be their last call

Many restaraunts hope they can reopen, but don’t know when or even if they will be able to.

Comments: Parents finding a new appreciation for teachers

It’s the result of having to take over the education of their kids following the shutdown of schools.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, March 20

A sketchy look at the day in coping with Covid-19 (and politics).… Continue reading

Editorial: TVW marks 25 years as window into state government

From the start it has encouraged transparency regarding the decisions made on behalf of the public.

Celebrate effort of ‘bureaucrats’ fighting coronavirus outbreak

In the midst of the angst over the coronavirus, there’s one takeaway over which no one ought to disagree: Government really is here to help.… Continue reading

Commentary: A long, deadly history of failing to communicate

London had presses 10 years before a deadly virus in 1485. Yet no helpful information was published.

Commentary: WWII-era America knew how to shun hoarding

Hoarding and the black market were treated as villains in government films and popular culture.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, March 19

A sketchy look at the day in politics (and the coronavirus outbreak).… Continue reading

Editorial: Political divide on coronoavirus could be deadly

Partisanship shouldn’t factor in to how seriously we treat the threat posed by the Covid-19 outbreak.

High school teams’ efforts deserved better treatment by Herald

What a lack of support shown by The Herald for two hardworking high school teams by the March 8 headline, “Wesco washed out”: Glacier Peak… Continue reading

Lagging coronavirus tests show why we need single-payer

Why is the US lagging on coronavirus tests? I’ll tell you why, it’s because our fragmented health care system is in the hands of insurance… Continue reading

We all need to make sacrifices to confront outbreak

The coronavirus is not just a medical problem. It’s a serious ethical dilemma. We live in a civilized society where we are governed by rules… Continue reading

Comment: This is a sacrifice; it won’t have been wasted effort

If we avoid the worst, ignore the second-guessing about what was done to flatten the outbreak’s curve.

Commentary: Joe wants a woman veep; he needs to be specific

If this is to be more than a consolation prize, Biden has to announce and defend his choice soon.

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, March 18

A sketchy look at the day in politics (and the coronavirus outbreak).… Continue reading

Harrop: Outbreak complicates elderly’s already stressful care

Coronavirus concerns have added to the worries we have in caring for those who aren’t independent.

Commentary: Covid-19 ‘lays off’ grandparents from daycare jobs

Where do parents turn for the child care? And how do grandparents fill the hole in their hearts?

Commentary: State, local goverment best bet to fight outbreak

Governors and mayors, closer to their communities, are best able to make decisions to slow the outbreak.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, March 17

A sketchy look at the day in politics (and social distancing).… Continue reading