Harrop: How a war hero became a ‘trigger’ for Trump

What was behind the order to keep the USS McCain out of the president’s sight during his trip to Japan?

Petri: Dear UFOs, excuse us for a millennium while we tidy up

We love visitors, but you caught us at a bad time. (Please, don’t ask us to take you to our leaders.)

Robinson: Trump’s visit a test of Brits’ stiff upper lips

With the exception of Boris Johnson, few among royals and officials seem happy to welcome him.

Voters need to choose an adult in 2020 election

If Donald Trump was your child, would he be in line for a time-out? “I don’t do cover-ups.” Uh, huh! That is easily debunked. He… Continue reading

Academic test numbers require some context

Thursday’s letter to the editor regarding test scores and graduation was misleading. It jumbled together state data, local data, state-mandated changes, and local responses to… Continue reading

Burke: Snake oil is still out there; with fine print attached

If you carefully read the disclaimers you’ll understand there’s more salesmanship than medicine inside.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, June 3

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Err on side of caution when saying when life begins

A recent letter to the editor takes an extreme position regarding the abortion issue. Although I would take the opposite position of the right of… Continue reading

Milbank: Hood is off Trump administration’s lie about census

Documents show the purpose behind asking about citizenship in the 2020 census: preserving white power.

Parker: Eulogizing Ollie the Blind Poodle while he’s with us

A blind dog might not seem of much use, but Ollie taught the value of patience in the face of Oops!

Saunders: Trump has himself to blame for raising suspicions

In concealing the truth about an uneventful meeting, Trump attracted the suspicions of investigators.

Why was Trump in Japan on Memorial Day?

Why would Trump (I still can’t put “president” by his name) choose to go to Japan over Memorial Day weekend, playing golf and watching sumo… Continue reading

Commentary: Community leaders on retiring Everett educators

Area community leaders share their thoughts on EvCC’s David Beyer and Everett schools’ Gary Cohn.

Commentary: Confronting the racist in the mirror

If white progessives want to protest hate, they first need to acknowledge their inherent prejudices.

Commentary: Mueller delivers ‘Game of Thrones’ ending to report

The conclusion may be less than satisfying, but there’s plenty for Congress and others to follow up on.

Details of Mueller report need to be released

How can anyone, regardless of their politics, be satisfied that justice is served until all of the evidence contained in the Mueller report is known… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, June 2

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: What two educators have meant for Everett, county

David Beyer and Gary Cohn deserve thanks for fostering education that served students and communities.

Ignatius: Mueller’s report landed punches that he then pulled

The special prosecutor’s restraint during the investigation was admirable; afterward, it was frustrating.

McArdle: Resistant bacteria reproductive health’s real threat

While we’re on the subject of women’s health, a little attention please on the misuse of antibiotics.