Editorial: Americans need help with sacrifices now required

To fight Covid-19’s spread, people and businesses need financial aid to help ride out the crisis.

Editorial: Helping others in a time of ‘social distancing’

Limiting the spread of disease doesn’t mean we stop lending a hand — even if not a literal one — to others.

Burke: Consequence of Trump’s lies have quickly escalated

It’s one thing to take credit for a LNG plant. It’s another to mislead the nation about a pandemic.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, March 16

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Proposal for ‘low-yield’ nuclear weapons is a farce

The advancement and deployment of a new nuclear weapon to our submarine fleet is beyond ignorance. And the fact that we are deploying “low yield”… Continue reading

Recent wars involving U.S. far too costly in money, lives

Here is a short summary of many, but not all, of the costs of some of the recent wars: According to “The American Conservative” the… Continue reading

Saunders: Over-abundance of caution can cause economic harm

The decision to close down schools and empty out businesses could prove costly to many Americans.

The more ammo the better for self-defense

I find it interesting that The Herald presented nearly identical articles against high-capacity magazines on Feb. 28 and March 1. The Feb. 28 editorial states… Continue reading

Trump’s claim of Democratic hoax regarding virus is unhelpful

Oh, he of 1,001 lies, who kept up the steady drumbeat of the birtherism hoax throughout the span of the Obama administration, suddenly wants to… Continue reading

Commentary: This ‘vaccine’ for what ails us is ready now

‘Social distancing’ doesn’t require us to ignore our community; we need each other more than ever.

Comment: Cordoning off cities isn’t needed; coordination is

What’s needed now are broad-based social-distancing measures that limit exposure to the virus.

Commentary: Climate change poses national security threat too

Everett’s Sen. Henry M. Jackson fought for defense and the environment. His words apply more than ever.

Commentary: Government must admit its part in opioid crisis

Federal and state agencies have long misidentified the bad actors and misdirected their response.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, March 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Firearm magazines aren’t the problem in mass shootings

Well, here we go again, using tragedies to promote more useless and ineffective gun control laws (“Commentary: A second chance to do right by shooting… Continue reading

House and Senate did adopt strong DUI law

The Everett Herald’s opinion page recently published a letter to the editor claiming that 38th District Legislative representatives had done nothing regarding DUI issues this… Continue reading

Process requires party declaration in presidential primary

In recent days, some readers have expressed their displeasure with the need to state party preference on their presidential primary ballot. Although these readers are… Continue reading

We need ranked-choice voting

Voters should be voting for the candidate they would like to see in office. But that’s not what happened. Instead, we were forced to play… Continue reading

Comment: How do grandparents stay ‘socially distant’ from kids?

As the song says, there are choices to make based on ‘what condition our condition is in.’

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, March 14

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