Do Everett’s pools need taxpayers’ support

The city of Everett is facing a potential $13 million deficit in 2019, and the gap worsens from there, according to Mayor Cassie Franklin. The… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Monday, May 7

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Ignatius: CIA director nominee presents a moral dilemma

Some object to Gina Haspel’s past, but that past includes a deep knowledge of Russia and its actions.

Let readers make the choice on Rosemond’s parenting advice

Wow! I was taken back by The Herald’s decision to pull John Rosemond’s parenting column. I found it somewhat odd that the announcement followed commentary… Continue reading

Milbank: What Trump might pray for, were he the praying sort

It wouldn’t hurt for the president to start brushing up on his beseeching.

Saunders: Putting security first shouldn’t disqualify CIA pick

If the Senate can’t confirm Gina Haspel, it’s doubtful another candidate will be as qualified.

Thank teachers, sure, but let’s back their classroom needs

Education is the backbone of this country. Everywhere we are feeling the effects of minimal education, from the loss of social standards to the ability… Continue reading

Editorial: ‘Do no harm’ with wasteful medical procedures

A new report finds nearly half of common medical tests prone to overuse in the state are unnecesary.

Commentary: Access to mental health care lagging in state

There are new diagnostic tools that can direct quality mental health care, but access must improve.

Commentary: State study of single-payer care wastes $100,000

Studies in California, Colorado and New York would have shown lawmakers the unaffordable costs.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, May 6

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Harrop: Democrats need to sell their American message

“America First” is taken, but the left can show it has the economic interests of Americans at heart.

Herald coverage of preservation success stories appreciated

A round of applause for your inspiring coverage of both farm and historic home preservation coverage on April 29. Stephanie Davey’s article on the Reiner’s… Continue reading

Ignatius: Was North Korea’s dual strategy Kim’s plan all along?

North Korean documents point to a plan to build a nuclear weapon, then pivot toward a detente.

Parker: Chaplain’s back, but can post survive politics?

The political skirmish over the Rev. Pat Conroy may mean the House will just do away with the post.

Robinson: Trump’s lawyers already squirming to explain statements

Rudy Guiliani may have not done his client any favors by saying that a lawyer ‘funneled’ hush money.

Support the education funding demands of teachers

I want to recognize and applaud educators in our region during Teachers Appreciation Week, May 7-11. There are countless ways in which our teachers are… Continue reading

Term Sid Schwab is looking for is ‘social democracy’

Sid Schwab’s interesting column of April 28 (“Capitalism works if we save it from true believers”) attempts to distinguish communism, socialism and democratic socialism. He… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Sound Transit ‘equity’ not serving greatest needs

The transit agency needs to complete light rail’s spine to Everett where commute times are longest.

Commentary: Lawmakers have done their job to fund basic ed

It’s time for the state Supreme Court to close the book on McCleary and let everyone move on.