Milbank: Trump is to weak to be a threat as a strongman

For all his praise of Putin, Xi and other dictators, Trump won’t put the effort into an autocracy.

Thiessen: In keeping one promise, Trump will break others

Trump’s blanket tariffs on steel and aluminum may help those workers but hurt millions of others.

Wildlife crossings necessary for animal habitat

Gary Whitley’s letter about schools instead overpasses misses an important fact (“Isn’t it better to build schools, not wildlife crossings,” The Herald, Feb. 26). No,… Continue reading

Arming teachers is simply a bad idea

Drawing upon my 42 years of experience in teaching, I can say that arming teachers and school administrators with guns is one of the dumbest… Continue reading

Don’t forget those injured by gun violence

Allow me an observation about people rarely mentioned in debates over gun violence. Some years ago, when I was living in Cleveland, I was shot… Continue reading

Don’t use Snohomish funds to demolish Carnegie annex

There is an important Snohomish City Council meeting today, March 6, involving spending the balance, around $1.2 million, of the city’s real estate excise taxes… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, March 6

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Harrop: Stormy Daniels knows ‘Art of the Deal’ as well as Trump

Whether she’s read the book or not, she knows how to maximize her options and use leverage.

PUD hydropower project is too costly, will hurt salmon

I would like to join the Tulalip and Snoqualmie tribes in opposing Snohomish Public Utility District’s hydropower project on the South Fork of the Skykomish… Continue reading

Robinson: Trump is temporary, but he’s doing lasting damage

Restoring public faith will take time after Trump’s attacks on the rule of law and financial probity.

Schools should use metal detectors

When you go to the emergency room at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett you now go through a metal detector. But you can take a… Continue reading

Isn’t it better to build schools, not wildlife crossings?

Aren’t children more important than animals? Regarding the story in the Feb. 19 Herald, “Animal overpass project now visible to westbound motorists”: An animal crossing… Continue reading

Editorial: Students’ lesson in civics offers advice for all

‘Write, call, email,” Rep. Suzan DelBene tells Lake Stevens High students regarding gun legislation.

Burke: Indeed, throw Trump a parade — to Nov. 6 ballot box

A better way to celebrate Veterans Day would be to spend the parade money on our veterans.

Can opinions on guns really change?

And so, via radio call-in shows, newspaper online comment sites, TV opinion panels —round and round we go, attempting to pinpoint the causes of the… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Monday, March 5

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Let’s help each other to develop healthy behaviors

I know for a fact that it is much better to try to help people and show kindness than it is to lead people into… Continue reading

Milbnak: Trump’s chaotic leadership drives his people to exits

Trump’s approval rating doesn’t change; not so the reputations of those who agreed to work with him.

National gun permit system, other steps to consider

I propose that we implement a national permit system. You can own a gun and carry it concealed anywhere in the U.S. only if you… Continue reading

Saunders: Trump now seeing the downside of nepotism

Trump wanted to shake up Washington; instead giving jobs to family have shaken his administration.