Monroe hospital levy will improve care for all of Sky Valley

This April, residents in Snohomish County Public Hospital District 1 will have the opportunity to vote on the A Healthier Community is Born Here initiative,… Continue reading

Zero-emission vehicles solve problem that doesn’t exist

Regarding the March 31 guest commentary (“Giving a boost to zero-emission vehicles”). I had to laugh and just shake my head. It uses the guise… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, April 11

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Vote yes for Marysville regional fire agency, levy

Voter approval would recognize an effective partnership and provide funds needed for public safety.

McArdle: What Brexiteers, Trumpists share is about migration

The populist movements in each country differ on trade, but agree on the issues of immigration.

Milbank: Why was Candace Owens at white nationalism hearing?

If Republicans meant to sabotage the House Judiciary hearing they brought in the right provocateur.

Petri: I have my reasons for not releasing the Mueller report

Trust me, there’s nothing in there that you need to see. And it’s long. So stop asking to see it.

Support in WSU medical school an investment in local doctors

As a dispersed Northwest Washington community, our support for Washington State University’s 2019-21 legislative request for $14.4 million reflects our commitment to respond to the… Continue reading

Editorial: Lawmakers must loosen school levy restrictions

The “levy swap” lawmakers adopted in 2017 has left some districts facing deep budget shortfalls.

A degree doesn’t guarantee good science

I was amused by Cris Sherman’s March 28 letter to the editor, regarding scientists who back creationism. Yes, there are “scientists with degrees” who will… Continue reading

China, India, others must join U.S. in climate efforts

It seems that it is a popular opinion these days that the U.S. must change drastically in order to combat global warming. Some are suggesting… Continue reading

Comment: Our state can enjoy California’s clean-fuels success

As the rest of the West Coast has discovered, a low-carbon fuel standard results in cleaner air.

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, April 10

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Everett should nix use of electric scooter rentals

It’s been reported on our local radio station KSER (90.7 FM) that electric “stand-up” scooters are being proposed for Everett. I understand the city is… Continue reading

Ignatius: Trump’s pressure play on Iran could backfire on U.S.

Designating its revolutionary guard as terrorists could limit the U.S. response if Iran seeks talks.

Milbank: Kirstjen Nielsen’s suck-up efforts just weren’t enough

The Homeland Security chief avoided contradicting Trump but still was fired and mocked by him.

Rampell: Trump’s Fed nominees have odd view of data

For professed economists, Moore and Cain only trust facts when they fit with their partisan agendas.

The new normal is threatening civilization and planet

When Trump was elected, HBO comedian John Oliver said that we must not let this step back in human progress and morality become normal. But… Continue reading

Will Trump regret the damage he’s done?

President Trump is pretty good at using people to get what he wants and then turning on them or dropping them like bad habits. If… Continue reading

Editorial: Restore prisoners’ access to books, Pell grants

Programs that promote literacy and pay for college courses in prison prepare them for life after.