Editorial: DACA’s protections must be made law now

Public support for Dreamers — immigrants brought here as children — is clear.

Herald headline misstated story about congressman

The Daily Herald took a full page ad Nov. 24, stating its “commitment to serving Snohomish County with reliable news and information.” Right. In the… Continue reading

Ignatius: What changes can we expect in U.S. foreign policy?

If Tillerson leaves State, look for a more hawkish and risk-tolerant Trump administration.

Milbank: Trump’s pick for HHS hands agency’s keys to Big Pharma

At least some senators, left and right, are skeptical of the former Eli Lily chief’s swampy past.

Will definition of sexual harassment makes us all guilty?

Every day now, the first news we all hear is about the sexual harassment claims that keep coming day after day. Let’s all face the… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Nov. 30

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: FCC should delay decision because of fake comments

The agency should reopen comments on net neutrality after it failed to verify submitted comments.

Ignatius: As U.S. steps back, China seeks lead in trade, tech

While China makes investments worldwide, Trump protects coal and denies science.

Milbank: Doughnuts to dollars, Trump will ultimately gut CFPB

Trump’s interim head of the financial industry watchdog has already begun the agency’s dismantling.

Support for Arlington School Board candidacy appreciated

Thank you to the voters of Arlington for electing me to help direct the next four years of the Arlington School District. I am grateful… Continue reading

Women have long gotten blame for sexual harassment

The media has been filled with salacious stories of men in the entertainment industry, Congress and the media, itself, about incidents of sexual predation on… Continue reading

Editorial: Barring firearms from Senate galleries right move

Legislative leaders should follow the lead of Lt. Gov. Habib and extend the ban to hearing rooms.

Camano Island Fire and Rescue thanks levy voters

On behalf of Camano Island Fire and Rescue, I would like to thank our community for supporting our recent fire levy lid lift request. This… Continue reading

Cartoon downplayed role of mental illness in gun violence

Six days after the Las Vegas shootings, The Herald printed yet another misleading comic in very poor taste. It portrayed a stop sign with bullet… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Nov. 29

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Milbank: Can’t excuse Moore by pointing at others’ bad acts

The three words that make Moore different than Franken, Conyers and others: accused child molester.

Open internet must be maintained

On Nov. 21, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai unveiled his plot to compromise net neutrality. Being a high school senior, it’s easy for authority figures to… Continue reading

Parker: Project Veritas a textbook definition of ‘fake news’

This bears repeating: Those who would purposely mislead or seek to confuse others are bad people.

Thanks to County Council for holding line on taxes

It is not often that we have the opportunity when it comes to a government entity to thank or praise them when it comes to… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Nov. 28

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading