Schwab: Virus deadly enough without Trump’s botched response

Trump’s disdain for science and penchant for falsehoods have always been dangerous. Now they’re deadly.

Why has U.S. lagged behind others in testing for Covid-19?

Australia provides Covid-19 tests that are readily available, quick and free to anyone. Tom Hanks has the virus and was fortunate to be in Australia… Continue reading

Commentary: Our response to Covid-19 is a test we must pass

Limiting the spread of the virus will require sacrifice, trust in science and compassion for others.

Airline flights contribute to climate change

Responding to Paul Millers’s recent letter on the need for all of us to take action on climate change. Anyone, me included, who flies around… Continue reading

Commenary: It’s not about when Bernie leaves the race, but how

Sanders, if he’s sincere about beating Trump, must remove all doubt about his support for Biden.

Don’t throw money at coronavirus response

I wonder how much of an emergency and news time would be spent if this were not an election year? This is not to infer… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Friday, March 13

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Road work ahead, thanks to revised budget

Projects halted by I-976 can now resume, but other funding and environmental issues remain for next year.

Herald’s endless jihad against President Trump

The Herald continues its endless jihad against President Trump. You demonize him in your editorials and you publish only columns written by your Trumphating columnists.… Continue reading

It’s not ideal, but Everett needs more parking garages

I am a downtown business owner, a therapist who sees many clients experiencing anxiety. Several clients experience anxiety about coming downtown for an appointment with… Continue reading

Clean fuel standard would create jobs, reduce illness

Our children deserve clean air. The Clean Fuels Bill (HB 1110), a game plan for cleaning transportation related air pollution in Washington state, is currently… Continue reading

Comment: Trump listens to Fox; it must tell truth about virus

Trump too often uses Fox to claim validity for his policy decisions; it’s now a deadly serious matter.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, March 12

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Parents still make call on sexual health lessons

The state’s new K-12 sexual health education law allows parents to make the final call on curriculum.

Harrop: AOC needs to choose between future and irrelevance

There’s much to admire about the congresswoman; but she risks letting ideology get in the way.

Independent voters can just wait until November

Two letters appeared recently in The Herald complaining that the writers had to pick a party before they could vote in the presidential primary. One… Continue reading

There’s good reason to require party declaration on ballot

In response to the March 4 letter to the editor from Val Burg, regarding party selection on the primary election ballots: You stated that you… Continue reading

Climate legislation in Legislature goes against voters’ wishes

I am sure that the majority of voters in this state are getting sick and tired of Olympia’s repeated attempts to combat the will of… Continue reading

Commentary: Biden’s big policy? Restoring faith in government

Throughout his political career, the former senator has emphasized the need for trust in those who serve.

Commentary: Can you work from home? It’s time you started

The virus that causes Covid-19 has no vaccine, which means social distancing is the best prevention.