Term Sid Schwab is looking for is ‘social democracy’

Sid Schwab’s interesting column of April 28 (“Capitalism works if we save it from true believers”) attempts to distinguish communism, socialism and democratic socialism. He… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Sound Transit ‘equity’ not serving greatest needs

The transit agency needs to complete light rail’s spine to Everett where commute times are longest.

Commentary: Lawmakers have done their job to fund basic ed

It’s time for the state Supreme Court to close the book on McCleary and let everyone move on.

Editorial cartoons for Saturday, May 5

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Schwab: Trump or Wolf: Which foul mouth should get a Nobel?

He, for uninformed bellicosity toward Kim? Or she, for rudely speaking truth to D.C.’s power?

The Buzz: We have more than 3,001 lies, but Trump’s closing in

This week: Doctor’s notes, Hobby Lobby’s latest craft project and Father Pat Conroy’s return.

Can’t agree with letter writer, so I’ll say something nice

An easy response to the April 27 letter to the editor (“Democrats’ priorities just pandering for votes”) from a Camano Island gentleman would be the… Continue reading

Commentary: High school graudates should consider a trade

College isn’t right for everyone, and learning a trade can lead to a well-paying, satisfying career.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, May 4

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Herald should let parents decide value of Rosemond’s column

The reason I am not discontinuing my subscription to The Herald is simple: I am an open-minded person, unlike the rest of this divided country… Continue reading

Ignatius: Reformist helps Armenia escape post-Soviet malaise

Protests by Armenians have deposed its prime minister and may foster a reform-minded government.

Mibank: Facts are stubborn, unfortunately for Trump team

And it doesn’t help when Trump contradicts himself and his lawyers on immigration issues.

Taxing opioids won’t solve crisis

Isn’t it wonderful how well our politicos look after us? Overnight they have come up with the perfect (and for them standard) solution to the… Continue reading

Thiessen: Trump should forget the Nobel and stick to his guns

To be able to walk away from a bad deal the president can’t be distracted by the promise of a prize.

This is how liberals have ‘ruined’ our country

As a letter to the editor (“Party can only pander to voters,” The Herald, April 27) said, liberals are despicable people who can only pander… Continue reading

Commentary: Support small businesses — and your community

By patronizing locally owned shops in your town, you keep those dollars — and your tax dollars — here.

D.C. media dinner routine was vile, mean-spirited

The hatred of President Trump knows no bounds. Thank God He did not attend Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Comedian (if you want to call… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, May 3

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Makers of vaping liquid aiming sales at teens

The FDA sent out warnings this week because of packaging that resembles kids’ juice and other treats.

Milbank: An early peek at President Trump’s Nobel speech

Trump can tout many foreign policy achievements, especially winning peace through tweeted insults.