Petri: If ‘billionaires’ derogatory, what shall we call rich?

Let’s consider some gentler gentlemanly terms for the ‘well-endowed’ among us.

By Alexandra Petri

The Washington Post

Howard Schultz’s awkward decision during an interview with CNBC to reframe a derogatory statement about “billionaires” as criticizing “people of means” has earned a fair amount of mockery.

Is “billionaire,” as Schultz suggests, a “catchphrase” now? Should it be avoided in favor of gentler terms? Well, if this is what we’re doing, some further euphemisms follow:

fiscally tinged




Robin Hood victims

interested parties


Wall Street urchins

caddied Americans

self-maid men



huddled cashes yearning to breathe free



principaled conservatives


futures farmers of America


never-in-the-red staters


Greed New Dealers

dollar storers

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