Political left’s control is nearing its end

These are frustrating times for those of us on the right. It seems no matter what we read the left is portrayed as being on the winning side. The mainstream media supports virtually everything the left does, left-leaning politicians seem to be able to do and say whatever they wish.

To those among my fellow conservatives let me assure you the left is not winning.

A closer look will show an overindulged self-appointed aristocracy of sorts, who have lived in a sheltered bubble for too long and believe their desires can overcome reality.

This is what aristocrats in Russia and France believed before their revolutions, they could not comprehend that their society as they knew it was ended and their place in the future would be greatly diminished.

Their societies, similar to ours, came to an end because they could not function in the modern and changing world. In our case, the financial system their way of life is based upon is coming apart. Their time as aristocrats is fading quickly as society speeds forward into a new era.

What we are seeing from this quarter was described in the Hebrew Bible: “Pride goeth before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Francis X. Barden


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