Reader critical of commentaries on presidents, periods

This is in response two recent commentaries in The Herald: first to Alexandra Petri’s June 10 column, “Men just aren’t suited to serve as president”; second to the June 12 commentary, “‘Period poverty’ a threat to young women.”

So that readers do not put me in a pigeon hole of preconceived bias, I am a women, I have voted for Republicans and Democrats (mostly against who I dislike the most) and I am not a Trump supporter.

When I first saw the title of Petri’s article I thought it must be a joke. As I read what she had written I kept thinking that at some point she would say that she was just joking but I was appalled when I came to the end and realized that she was serious and that she thought it was OK that the whole male gender should be excluded from being president. This is such an inhuman, un-American and biased idea. I am sure that if a man or women had written that women were not suited to serve as president that there would be a great uproar against the writer. I waited a week to see if there was any rebuttal to her article. So far, none.

I have nothing against a women president and would like to see it happen, but it is wrong to think that only a women can solve our nation’s problems.

Regarding the commentary by the three Kamiak High School students: Women and parents of girls should pay for their own hygiene products, not employers, not schools, not taxpayers.

All my life except when I was a teenager when my parents paid I have paid for them. When I was poor and later when I made more money I paid for my own hygiene products. Never once did I think that my school or employers or taxpayers should pay for my hygiene products.

Just because men do not need these products and do not want to pay for them is not sexist or ignorant. There is no crisis.

Lack of access does not increase the risk of toxic shock syndrome, cervical cancer or dangerous infections. If I missed school it was because I felt like crap, not because I didn’t have any of these products. Everyone likes to get free stuff, but this shouldn’t be one of them.

Gayle Olcott


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