Reasons for delay in renovation of Carnegie building clear

Regarding Bill Betten’s Aug. 24 letter to the editor (“Snohomish’s 2011 plan for Carnegie building waste of money”). First, who are the members of this so-called 105 Cedar Avenue Foundation besides Betten, the self-described founder?

More important, the so-called foundation did not “halt the imminent fast-tracking” destruction of the 1968 annex.

The Herald’s article referred to by Betten is very clear about the delay in renovating the 1910 Carnegie building, which includes removing the 1968 addition that is attached to the front of the historic building like a cancerous growth; it was a change in the funding source from the legitimate Snohomish Carnegie Foundation to the city. Period.

Betten is counting on his brother-in-arms, John Kartak, being elected mayor. The fate of the Carnegie renovation is only one more reason why a Kartak administration would be a daytime nightmare.

Pay attention supporters of Karen Guzak: The continued good life of Snohomish depends on your vote.

Warner Blake


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