Recent letters supporting Trump lacking in critical-thinking

Don Curtis had it right in his March 28 letter to the editor. Name calling like an eighth-grader is Trump’s favorite tactic. And his supporters love it because they don’t want to apply more than an eighth-grader’s level of thought.

Two recent letters demonstrate the thinking applied by Trump supporters. In the first the writer complains because he can’t understand how a presidential campaign’s odd behavior with Russian intelligence officers could be seen as suspicious or that the FBI is obligated to investigate suspicious behavior relating to national security. Neither could he understand an investigation is intended to gather information, not convict or prove innocence. Nor can he understand how an investigation for one thing might turn up evidence of something else. And even more difficult for him to comprehend is how an investigator’s report can be altered for political purposes when it goes to a politically sensitive or biased prosecutor’s office. Thus, he doesn’t understand why Democrats want more than Attorney General Barr’s notes.

In the second letter the writer laments media bias, but only on the part of supposed liberal media. Without citation of sources, he declares 8,207 articles on Mueller have appeared via the Washington Post, New York Times, MSNBC and CNN during the past two years. That’s 12 articles per day between two 24-hour per day stations and two seven-day per week newspapers. Hmm, unless it’s eighth-grade thinking, I wonder why he made no comparison, for example, to the number of ‘no collusion’ or totally un-newsworthy “Hillary” articles published by FOX News, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh during the same period.

The level of thinking Trump and his supporters display makes discussion useless, puts snark beyond their comprehension and makes getting out the vote America’s only hope of recovering democracy.

Paul Heckel


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