Reject the tyranny imposed on us this November

I am amazed at how many residents of Snohomish County, indeed the entire state and the nation, are blindly willing to go along with the power grabs implemented by tyrannical statist governors and local government officials. I especially point to the one occupying the Capitol building in Olympia. Petitioners who are seeking to remove Sheriff Adam Fortney from office for standing up to this tyrant are a disgrace to our free society. Sheriff Fortney serves as one of the checks in our system of freedom and liberty to protect us from tyrannical overreach by ideologues bent on imposing their twisted will on all of us.

The persecution of the barber shop owner in Snohomish, and his brave willingness to stand up to this tyranny and fight, should serve as an inspiration to all business owners, and we the people.

The convenient excuse of this latest virus, being treated as the second coming of the bubonic plague when in fact data indicates it is no worse than common influenza, is being exploited by these tyrants to control us.

Governors do not have the authority to mandate that you and I stay at home, or chose which businesses are essential and non-essential. They do not have the power to revoke business licenses when no business violation has occurred only because they have been defied.

You have your chance in November to rid this state of the Olympia tyrant, and other local government deviants. Those who accept statist rule need to ask yourselves one critical question: Do you prefer to live free on your feet, or subserviently on your knees.

Charles Hodges


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