Act now to protect retirement fund

Are you aware of what is going on in Washington, D.C., regarding your Social Security benefits? Some in the government want to raise Social Security taxes and cut benefits. When Social Security was set up it was a promise to you and me for retirement and yet it now funds pork barrel projects by greedy politicians. They have written IOUs for over $2 trillion, which are worthless, for their district projects and for their re-election purposes.

We have to let our president and Congress know how we feel about this reckless spending and considering benefit cuts. Millions of Americans depend on those benefits. We cannot live without them.

Our Social Security is in more danger today than at any other time in the history of the program.

We must stop these politicians by a lock box amendment to keep their fingers out of our paid-for benefits.

The government takes in hundreds of billions of dollars in Social Security revenue each year and is wasting it on bailouts and special interest projects. If we don’t stop the Washington liberals contemplating massive cuts and massive taxes, we can just blame ourselves.

We must contact our Congress people right away. Our retirement income is in jeopardy. Are you willing to risk massive cuts and higher taxes or are you willing to write or call your representatives with your concerns? They will not work for us unless we let them know how we feel. If we don’t, you can rest assure that you will face more danger on your Social Security benefits that will hurt Americans from all walks of life. It is up to you! Do something!

Charles W. Bloomfield


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