Seniors need help from lawmakers on costs of living

Since we seniors are still paying special levies through personal property and real estate taxes for the education of Snohomish County education needs, the Legislature’s job is not done.

For years my wife and I have paid extra over and above the state-funded programs, and now, we are seniors and on fixed incomes that are not inflation-adjusted. The Republicans and and Democrats need to get together and help our seniors.

It is embarrassing that we are seen as cash cows to be liquidated when so many are already covered without having planned ahead for retirement and long term care. The grasshopper and the ants fable comes to mind here. These are the new poor, being financially bled to death literally. You need to legislate for lower assisted-living costs which can be from $2,500 to more than $7,000 per bed per month. Those of us with our own supplemental insurance see Medicare as a first payer rather than the secondary payer especially when seniors are discharged into skilled nursing for rehabilitation. So we get ripped off by paying for a high premium for supplemental insurance that pays nothing when we are designated Medicare. The system is rigged to fail. Show us how you will fix it.

You need to protect our seniors here. Let those with children fund their own extra costs. If they want a new football field, don’t ask us to pay for it.

Samuel Bess


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