Sid Schwab is right to criticize Trump

Sid Schwab column

He’s exactly right on Trump criticisms

Sid Schwab is a concerned patriot who is unashamedly anti-Trump.

He has tried, over recent months, to open the eyes of ‘Trumpites’ to the fact that their elected president is a conniving, lying, ignorant, racist, bullying, crotch-grabbing, egocentric, narcissist of obnoxious character.

He has achieved nothing. No promised wall, no promised health care, tax reform that only benefited the top 5 percent. He has almost repealed the ACA which will deprive 25 million Americans of health insurance. He has caused disruption in the Middle East by moving an embassy to Jerusalem and reneging on the Iranian deal. Our European allies no longer trust us. Russia and North Korea are now a bigger threat than they were.

Immigration is in a shambles. He has reduced environmental standards and dismisses global warming as a hoax. He ignores all advice and says his “gut” is his best guide.

The list goes on.

He’s not worthy of the position and is disgracing the U.S. on the world stage.

And it’s not a matter of R’s vs. D’s. The same would apply if Trump were a Democrat.

R.L Sayer


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