Socialist countries don’t have it that great

Unfortunately, I saw two very slanted letters from the same anti-Trump and anti-conservative usual suspects I have seen frequently in The Herald. I must admit I too am biased and opposed to so-called progressive politics.

What progress do they own? Millions of illegals here but still 7 million job openings going unfilled? Is that Trump’s fault or his brag? Disliking Trump doesn’t mean that the nation ought to become a so-called democrat-socialist model like Canada, Great Britain, France, etc. Those that think that France is a good option overlook inherently difficult reasons not to. First, being well off financially in France is significantly different than being well funded in Canada. Also, completely different than the U.K. All three examples offer a cradle-to-grave form of socialism but are different.

Hard-working Bernie Sanders, besides being old, and on the verge of death has a few tricks up his socialist/communist backside that scare even a lazy person. For those slackers out there that think American socialism might be like Sweden, Norway or Finland, think again. In America, for example, a common man or woman can start a small business with a cheap pickup and a few hundred dollars backing. The socialist countries would make that endeavor almost illegal.

All of the countries listed do have public health care, and while it is cheap or non-pay if you don’t have an emergency expect to wait a year to get an appointment and forget specialty care unless you are from a well know family or some such distinction. Get my drift, now?

If, America was not great, then why do so many people try to break in to our fine nation by whatever means necessary?

Norm Colbert


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