‘Socialist’ label used to shoot down worthy ideas

I’m tired of people flinging the term “socialist” at an issue in a dismissive way. Every time the Democrats want to have the government work on a problem, the Republicans try to stop this action by calling it “socialistic,” as if that makes such a proposal appalling and not to be considered.

Republicans have a legitimate fear about too much government intrusion into our personal freedoms. An example is the difficulty of figuring our federal income tax. Think of the hours we spend trying to understand the intricacies of the rules.

We need to watch for too much government control, although it’s often a matter for dispute, as new situations arise, whether government should be involved in what used to be private. It seems better to me to weigh the pros and cons of private versus government instead of trying to prevent discussion by calling a proposal “socialistic.”

Sonja Larson

Mill Creek

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