Some of us enjoy Sid Schwab’s political analysis

I have read a few letters in the past couple of months from people who do not like Sid Schwab’s well-written columns. My suggestion for those who object is to simply not read Sid’s columns, if you can’t deal with straightforward commentary about corrupt politicians.

One reason that Saturday is my favorite day of the week is that I get to sit down and read some Sid. It’s the highlight of my weekly news reading. His criticisms of the occupant of the Oval Office are all well-founded and usually cited, and are, by the way, well-organized with excellent word choice.

Every single one of us should be sounding the alarm on the myriad illegal and immoral actions of this self-centered charlatan. Our nation will never be whole until he is removed, and it will take the people a lot of time, and a lot of love for America, to recover from the damage he has done.

Gina Parry


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