Story about orca birth deserved better play in paper

All I can say is: WOW. The Herald isn’t very interested or caring about our iconic Southern Resident Orcas, huh? There was only a 3-inch tall mini article in the June 1 paper about the wonderful news of a new orca baby born to our J-Pod in the middle of page A4! How pathetic!

The Seattle Times hoorayed this great news with a front page, half-page article with photo! This clearly shows who gives a darn, when the front page “news” in the Herald is about a delay in a trial of a murder from 32 years ago!

The orcas are much more important, and drastically currently relevant, than the fact that the lousy murderer got another delay in trial. Sad! I have been a subscriber throughout my life, and I am very disappointed by your obvious disinterest in our orcas. You were, in my opinion, very misguided to consider that trial delay of more importance. Our orcas are our treasures! Please get your priorities straight, Herald. After all, the orcas might go extinct! Isn’t that of importance?

Janet Waite


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