Superior Court Judge, Pos. 14: Lopez-Shaw knowns community

Cassandra Lopez-Shaw has the experience and judgment needed in the Snohomish County Superior Court. Ms. Lopez-Shaw cares about her community; she cares about the people she works with and the people she will see in court everyday. I teach English at a diverse low-income high school. For each of the past eight years she has taken time out of her full schedule to teach my students about trial law. Her fair-mindedness and ability to work with both sides of the courtroom is evident in that she wrangles a friend from the prosecutor’s office to come and speak with her. For my students seeing a woman of color speaking from her position is in itself a sign of justice and hope.

She earned her law degree and started her practice without the financial web of support that many of her colleagues experienced. She did it while taking care of two children as her husband rode in on the first column of Marines headed into Baghdad in 2003. When she sees veterans and mothers and those struggling with poverty in her courtroom, both as victims and as defendants, she knows what justice is, not in theory, but because of her own personal experience in these communities.

Cassandra Lopez-Shaw has the right temperament for Snohomish County. She has the support of her colleagues and peers. More important than being backed by those who are already deeply ensconced in our flawed legal system, Lopez-Shaw is backed by the communities who turn to that system for protection and justice. Please cast your vote for Cassandra Lopez-Shaw for Superior Court Judge, Position 14.

Rebecca Williams Leach


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