Superior Court: Judge Okoloko experienced, eloquent, fair

Judge Edirin Okoloko deserves your vote. His experience, temperament and decision-making are an asset to the Snohomish County Superior Court bench. Judges preside over trials, so significant trial experience as an attorney is tremendously helpful. Judge Okoloko has that experience. I had the pleasure of working with Judge Okoloko when we both worked for the Snohomish County Prosecutors Office. His incite, powerful oratory, and work ethic set him apart from even the other excellent trial attorneys in that office. He and I worked closely together as co-counsel in a trial involving the tragic murder of a 15-year-old girl. It is amazing to watch him in action. His preparation and eloquence made it difficult for those who commit crimes to escape justice. As a prosecutor his decision making was tough but fair.

Since his appointment to the bench, Judge Okoloko really listens to those who appear before him. He consistently demonstrates honesty, integrity and compassion in his interactions. Judge Okoloko works tremendously hard to ensure that he follows the law and is making the just decision in each case. Snohomish County has been well served by Judge Okoloko. Please join me in voting for Judge Okoloko for another term as Snohomish County Superior Court Judge.

Ed Stemler


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