Take a closer look at Trump’s ‘achievements’

Recent pro-Trump letter writers do not speak for all baby boomers. Given Trump’s recent 37 percent approval rating in a Reuters/IPSOS poll, I suspect you do not speak for most baby boomers.

Yes, at 4 percent unemployment is very low. When Obama became president it was close to 10 precent. It came down to 5 percent under his administration. So it continued a trend that began well before Trump took office.

Similarly, the Dow was at 17,000, an all time high, when Trump took office and continued that trend to the 24,000 points it is now.

I do not know how much, if any, of these trends are the result of the policies of Obama or Trump. I suspect they are the result of economic trends inherent in a capitalist economy, independent of any fiscal policy enacted by either president.

You claim we are no longer taken advantage of by other countries. That is true. Now, when the president takes the stage at the U.N. General Assembly, the world leaders gathered there laugh at him, and us.

Finally, the most compelling argument you find in favor of Trump, his immigration policy, is a source of humiliation for most of us. He separates children from their families and then loses the children. He instructs his Homeland Security secretary and officers at the border to violate U.S. laws and international treaties on asylum and tells them not to worry because he will pardon them when they are convicted.

Trump reminds me of a previous president. The baby boomers took to the streets and forced us to abandon an unjust war and forced a sitting president from office. Perhaps it is time we returned to the streets.

Melissa C. Batson


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