Talk of boycotting Bargreen’s Coffee hurts employees, others

This has been a hard year,; pandemics and politics have ruled the headlines. How exciting that there is a new subject to carry on about in our town (“Everett coffee heirs get $590K over crane color, ending saga,” The Herald, Dec. 6). What a great distraction we have. Howie Bargreen is evil and all things associated with him are too. That is one side; here is another.

As a longtime employee at Bargreen’s Coffee I have personally been saddened by the attack on Howie as well as his coffee company. I have tried to remain quiet, let it all pass, but day after day my employer, as well as my livelihood, is being attacked. Social media posts, letters to the editor, as well as signs been stuck to the outside of the roasting plant (private property) saying Boycott Bargreen’s. Enough! I feel the need to speak.

I have worked for the coffee company for 20 years and feel that I can speak with some authority.

The Bargeen’s family and coffee company both donate generously to the community you live in. Dawson’s Place, The Mission, The Boys & Girls Club, as well as various donations made to different sports and programs at Everett High School are just a few examples. Additionally, Howie Bargreen does not financially gain from his coffee company. Instead he chooses to pay his employees a decent wage, offers benefits and paid time off, things not all small companies are able to do. Not all business owners can say that.

If you are a regular Bargreen’s customer, whether you frequent our drive through stands, support espresso stands that serve our coffee, or come into our flagship coffee shop and you are considering boycotting the coffee company I would ask you to consider one thing: The choice you make will be putting more of your friends and neighbors at risk of lost wages and jobs.

Lynnette Smith


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