Thank Trump for ending ‘American exceptionalism’

Historians, political scientists and philosophers will with passion dissect the epic, toxic tragedy that defines the Donald Trump presidency. Amidst this wreckage that almost destroyed American democracy there is one silver lining that may ultimately benefit the world and the family of man. The damning, pervasive and poisonous bundle of ideas that created “American exceptionalism” has been dealt a terminal blow by the juggernaut of staggering lies, lethal incompetence, ignorance, racism and greed that defines the Trump era.

“American exceptionalism” for two centuries has been a poisonous political theology used to justify and codify U.S global bullying, endless military actions, government coups and covert actions that have left millions dead. The foundation of “American exceptionalism” is the notion that Americans are somehow enlightened, gifted, endowed with both intellectual and spiritual attributes that were somehow denied to those marginal dolts living outside U.S borders. We can thank Trump and his criminal cartel for gutting and shredding with finality the damning fiction that Americans are by birthright somehow superior.

We can’t thank Trump for his damning environmental legacy that has pushed humankind and the world to perhaps the point of no return. We can’t thank Trump for his promoting with intent and precision racial strife, divide and hatred that has lead to record gun sales in America. And we can’t thank Trump for shredding and destroying virtually every nuclear treaty that has allowed the human race to endure. But we can thank Trump for eradicating those jingoistic thoughts and beliefs that created “American exceptionalism.”

Jim Sawyer


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